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HG Logistics’ Company Picnic

Thursday, July 15th, 2010

HG Logistics LLC, a transportation freight broker servicing the United States, Canada, and Mexico, celebrated the 4th of July with its second annual company picnic held on July 3, 2010. The day’s festivities included plenty of food, swimming, fishing, cornhole, and a wiffle ball game. The night ended with a fire works display put on by our very own General Manager, Doug Bierman. Company picnics are not only fun, but I believe they serve as a valuable tool in building company morale. Company picnics give employees the opportunity to meet each other’s families and to get to connect outside of work. There is no pressure but just a time to relax and have fun. Company picnics can also be quite an eye opening experience, revealing hidden talents you did not know employees possessed, like athletic skills or the ability to grill a mean hamburger. Other?activities are reminders that some of us are not as young as we use to be. I, for one, managed to pull a calf muscle trying to run to first base during the wiffle ball match between the “Young and Old Timers” vs. the “Joe Jocks” teenage boys. I did not care I was in pain. I was just ecstatic that I even hit the ball and had reason to run. Of course, I had to have a seven year old pitch run for me the rest of the game, and he?managed to steal second, which I am sure I could not have done even with two good legs. Believe it or not, the “Young and Old Timers” were ahead most of the game, but then the “Joe Jocks” managed to tie the game and score the winning run in the last inning during their last at bat. We have already challenged them to a rematch next year. After all, a little friendly competition is good for the soul. I know I thoroughly enjoyed HG Logistics’ Company Picnic, as well as the rest of the employees who attended. Company picnics definitely have my vote, and I would encourage other businesses to schedule an annual picnic. It is just a fun way to get to know each other from a whole?different prospective.

HG Logistics – Past, Present, Future

Wednesday, September 9th, 2009
Reflections by Dave Greek Jr., President


About three years ago, HG Logistics was founded.  As a sister company to Hill and Griffith, we knew there were opportunities to expand and strengthen our relationships with our customers, while in turn utilize the values of HG Logistics to expand our horizons into new markets.  While some may look back and question the timing of opening a new business in the early stages of a recession, I saw this as an opportunity to fill a need with exceptional customer service at a time when other companies began to cut back to rein in expenses.  


The timing could not have been better. Entering the market when others were leaving and providing a high value added product, allowed HG Logistics to build a customer base using the quality of our service and high integrity of our staff.  Our customers have come to appreciate the personal service and quick response in helping them with their freight solutions.


Today, HG Logistics continues to expand its customer base and is consistently achieving double digit monthly revenue growth.  The team at HG Logistics has a much diversified background that allows us to provide freight solutions for any industry, which we believe is one of our core competencies.  Unlike many other 3PL’s, we are not tied to a specific industrial/commodity segment, thus affording us a much larger potential customer base to draw. 


While the economy continues to struggle through the recession, we here at HG Logistics feel that these times allow us to keep on providing the highest level of service that so many others are considering non-essential.  We know the value of providing first in class service, and when you combine the high degree of integrity of our staff, it can only lead to a bright future. 


From all of us here at HG Logistics we appreciate your past, present, and future business.  We look forward to continuing to develop those customer relationships that lead to a mutually beneficial relationship.

HG Logistics LLC is Poised for Success

Monday, August 31st, 2009

Three Year Anniversary


Three years ago, HG Logistics started with just three employees–a logistics manager, an office assistant, and a human resource/sales coordinator. We have now grown to five brokers and three office staff, and our looking to expand further by adding two brokers by October 2009.

Credit Score:

At first, HG Logistics’ credit score was not available. However, as our business continued to grow, so did our credit score reaching 63 at one point and as of recently, climbing to an impressive 90. Our average day to pay is 27.5, which has contributed to our notable credit score. Establishing these numbers in such a short period of time proves HG Logistics LLC is here to stay.


Only the best are hired at HG Logistics LLC. As members of TIA and a soon to be Gold Book Broker, all staff must adhere to a high code of ethics to set us above the rest.

Growing in a down market, confirms that service and quality still count.

Doug Bierman – Logistics Development Manager

Intermodal Logistics Specialist

Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

 HG Logistics LLC, a third party logistics company located in Cincinnati, Ohio, is pleased to announce that in addition to our broad range of stellar services already in place, we have recently added an intermodal service to assist you in any of your international transportation needs.

HG Logistics can cover anything from LTL to full container loads and anything in between. Quotes are based either on door to door deliveries and services or simply on your container drayage needs for imported freight.

For Free Quotes Call….

Steve Hunt
Logistics Account Executive


HG Logistics 2009 Mission Statement

Wednesday, December 31st, 2008

As a third party logistics company, HG Logistics LLC is a freight broker specializing in satisfying the transportation needs of our customers.  Our goal is always to exceed our customer’s expectations, which is reflected in our 2009 Mission Statement.

2009 Mission Statement

HG Logistic’s mission is to provide the customer with the most satisfying shipping experience that they have ever encountered.  We exist to attract and maintain customers.  When we adhere to this maxim, everything else falls into place. Our services will exceed the expectations of our customers.

HG Logistics will provide its customers with:

  • Someone who is honest.
  • Someone who is effective.
  • Someone who is reliable.
  • Someone who works hard and smart.
  • Someone who saves them time and money.

If you want to have a satisfying shipping experience in 2009, contact HG Logistics LLC, a company that lives up to its mission statement.

HG Logistics LLC
1085 Summer Street
Cincinnati, OH 45204
Doug Bierman: Logistics Manager
877-574-4744 ext. 3021  •   513-244-4182 (fax)

Equipment Movers

Friday, September 26th, 2008

From Cranes to Trains

No Job is Too Big or Too Small for HG Logistics LLC







HG Logistics LLC, Cincinnati, Ohio, is your heavy haul, oversized, complete project and job site movers. Contact us at 1-877-574-4744.

HG Logistics, LLC

Monday, August 4th, 2008

personal shipment monitoring

Reliable logistics and transportation services, providing you personal monitoring of your freight from pick-up through delivery. HG Logistics, LLC provides complete transportation resources for all of your shipping service needs throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico. We are committed to advising you with updates before you take the time to call us! In this service-oriented industry, honesty, integrity and hard work are still alive and well here at HG Logistics. We don’t quit until the job is complete!

At HG Logistics, complete transport resources are as close as your telephone, fax, or computer. Our database includes reliable carriers across North America currently under contract to HG Logistics. We also require our carriers to provide a minimum of $100,000.00 cargo insurance for each shipment.

Logistics and transportation services

Logistics and transportation services

Our home fleet database includes:


Step Decks

Double Drops



We are not limited to one fleet, allowing us to draw upon a pool of equipment nationwide. If there is a truck in the area of your shipping needs, we will find it! We provide all types of freight services, including:

Freight and shipping services for large LTL shipments

Freight and shipping services for large LTL shipments

Heavy Haul

Specialized Projects

Oversized Loads

“Regular” shipments of any kind

We also provide competitive rates on the large LTL shipments. In addition, extensive resources and experience across North America allow your use of our talents throughout Canada and Mexico. You, as the customer, have our assurance of getting the job done, saving money, and having peace of mind in all aspects of your shipping needs.

To learn about what we can do for you, call us at (877) 574-4744 or fax us at (513) 244-4182.

If E-Mail more suits your needs, write us at:

To facilitate your shipping needs, we provide quotes in one hour or less. (Certain loads requiring permits may take a little longer.)

We look forward to the opportunity of working with you and your company soon!

Doug Bierman
Logistics Development Manager

1085 Summer Street – Cincinnati, Ohio – 45204
Phone: (513) 244-3026 ext. 3021
Cell: (513) 520-7809