Driver Shortages Mean New Opportunities

November 29th, 2017

Anyone who is involved in the shipping, receiving, transportation and logistics industries knows that we are missing a key element- drivers! Driver shortages mean that costs for shipping are going up and truck drivers know that they are in high demand. Training programs and trucking companies are actively looking for drivers to get behind the wheel and keep the rest of us going. So, where are these drivers coming from? There are several large demographic groups being tapped for talent. Here are a few:

Veterans- Troops to Truckers is just one of many organizations seeking to train and find employment for veterans coming home and looking for work. Veterans are known to have a strong work ethic and an incredible determination to complete tasks to their fullest potential. Employers of all types seek out veterans to fill positions, but many in trucking believe that due to deployments and training, veterans are a perfect fit for the time away from home and sometimes difficult lifestyle that trucking brings. HG Logistics in Cincinnati loves our veteran truckers!

Women- Although not typically thought of as the first option for a truck driver, women are rapidly becoming an essential part of the trucking industry. Women in trucking have their own organizations, clubs and conferences taking place nationwide. There are blogs, YouTube channels and social media sites committed to women in the industry. With this increase, there are even products created for life on the road being offered in styles and designs especially for women.  Women have proven themselves to be willing and able to take on the challenges that trucking brings and prove that anything a man can do, so can a woman.

Immigrants- Many immigrants come to the United States to find a better life and to find work in order to provide for their families. Trucking companies know that these men and women are an excellent source when recruiting truck drivers. Folks from countries all around the world are filling roles in trucking. Just ask the dispatchers at HG Logistics and they’ll tell you they hear from a variety of accents on the phones each and every day. These people are hard working folks just trying to do their part to keep our country rolling and take care of their families.

Felons- Maybe one of the newer groups entering the trucking industry as professional drivers are ex-convicts. With a shortage of drivers, employers have been on the lookout for a group of people who are in need of work. For offenders, it is often difficult to find work due to their criminal record. Many trucking companies have found that there is more than just a driver’s seat filled when they hire those convicted of felonies. There is an extra reward that comes with knowing that your company has helped to turn someone’s life around, and given them a second chance to do the right thing. Some training facilities work alongside prisons in order to provide inmates with a skill that can help them obtain employment shortly after release.

The United States is made up of a wide variety of people. From veterans to felons, born-in-the-USA to first generation immigrants, men and women alike, the fabric of the trucking industry is as diverse as America itself. HG Logistics, LLC, an asset based third party freight broker based in Cincinnati, Ohio is proud to say that we love all of our drivers regardless of their background.

If you are looking to work with a company who values their drivers and understands their worth, get in touch with us via the Contact info to the left or give us a call at 513-255-3026.

HG Logistics, The Truckers’ Broker

November 15th, 2017

Hey Truck Drivers, I’m Talking to You!   

When is the last time you heard about a truck driver calling a broker who had no idea what it meant that the turbo went out on the tractor? If you’re in the transportation industry, it may not have been too long ago! It isn’t hard to look at the forums to see truck drivers complaining about how the big brokers are nothing more than call centers packed with fresh college grads with no experience in or around trucks. This is one area where HG Logistics, LLC sets itself apart from other brokers. We have an inside secret that we’ll let you in on that makes a world of difference for us in the industry: We know that our drivers are our customers too.

We love our customers. Without them, we wouldn’t have freight to haul. We wouldn’t have anything to move from Point A to Point B. Equally as important to us are our drivers. Without them, we wouldn’t have a way to move our loads. We wouldn’t have a the engine to our machine.

HG Logistics is an asset based freight broker. We have our own trucks and company drivers. We were founded by a trucking veteran with over 30 years of experience behind the wheel, our General Manager, Doug Bierman. We work with guys who grew up as the sons of truck drivers.  We have a few brokers in-house who are actively working on their CDL, and a couple who already have it. For those without experience behind the wheel, our broker and dispatcher training goes beyond looking at pictures of trucks and trailers in the office. We require at least one ride along so that our brokers and dispatchers understand what the driver’s life is really like, if only for a day. Fostering this level of respect for our drivers is a key part of building our longstanding relationships with our many dedicated carriers.

There is a shortage of drivers out there. We get that. We understand the ups and downs of being a truck driver. We understand the value of a quality carrier. Having those relationships keeps us going, and we know that and appreciate our drivers, in house and out.

When you are out looking for loads, you have so many options. There are huge brokers out there with a bunch of kids with no experience, and there is HG Logistics where we thrive on knowing and understanding all of the industry, especially the driver, the most important part.

Become a part of a team who values, respects and understands you! Contact HG Logistics today by clicking the link to the left or calling HG at 513-244-3026.

Bring in the Band!

November 14th, 2017


HG Logistics loves to support our community. Over the past weekend, a couple of great guys gave up time with their families and friends to do just that. Doug Bierman, GM and occasional driver for HG and another driver had the honor of carrying the equipment of two of Greater Cincinnati’s finest marching bands to compete in Indianapolis, Indiana. Taking special care of such expensive and precious equipment is not a task easily undertaken, but as usual, the HG Logistics team was ready to roll! We proudly carried LaSalle and Beechwood high school to compete against many fine high schools, and it was our pleasure!








Benefits of Loyalty

November 7th, 2017




Isn’t it nice when you walk into your favorite coffee shop, bar, or restaurant and the guy behind the counter knows your name and your order? Being a loyal customer comes with benefits, and that doesn’t stop with food and drinks. I know of several car dealerships who often have tickets to MLB or NFL games on-hand especially for customer perks. Which customers get those tickets? The ones who come in to the dealership for every oil change or who are return customers to buy a vehicle. Want a discount on fuel? Be loyal to your local grocery store. Want a free frozen yogurt? Buy five, then your next one is on the house. Discount haircuts, free soda pop, you name it, and buying more from the same business ends in innumerable perks!

Why am I talking about customer loyalty? Well, if you are a shipper, you know what it’s like to have a transportation company at the ready when duty calls. As a customer of a quality carrier like HG Logistics, an asset based third party freight broker in Cincinnati, Ohio, you’ll learn firsthand what it’s like to be treated like a loyal customer. That’s how we get you to become one!

What’s this royal treatment look like? Imagine calling your carrier and saying “Hey, I have one of those Philly to Denver loads. You got it?”. Your account rep on the other end says “Same as last time? Yeah, we got you”. With HG, we remember you. We remember what your load is, what it weighs and what kind of truck you need. We verify any changes and get you moving as quickly and seamlessly as possible. The more you move with us, the better we know you. We learn about your family, your sports teams (we might remember even more if our teams beat yours), your alma mater. At HG Logistics, we like our customers. We like learning about you, building relationships and building trust. Working with us repeatedly helps us both, we understand one another more and the relationship becomes symbiotic.

There are other perks to being a loyal HG customer, and one that you may not find elsewhere…once you build that relationship with us, we love your suggestions! If you don’t like the way something is done, we are always willing to hear from our customers about how they think we could do better. We love to improve ourselves and grow. That’s who we are and how we’ve lasted.

If you are interested in building lasting, meaningful business relationships with a top-tier carrier, give us a call. You can talk with one of our account reps, a dispatcher, or go straight to our General Manager, Doug, and get all your questions asked, answered and taken care of.
Contact us via the “Contact” link to the left or just give us a call at 513-244-3026!


December Brings the Gift of E-logs

October 26th, 2017

eobr-12.jpg (800×533)

December is quickly approaching, and with that, big changes to the trucking industry. Many drivers out there on the road are going to have to learn a new skill- keeping an elog. What is an elog? It is an electronic record of a drivers hours of service, meant to replace the paper logs that many drivers still use today. The new rule will take effect December 18.

Why is this a big deal? Well, besides agriculturally exempted carriers and folks driving a truck built before 1999, this can mean a big expense, training for drivers, and greater accountability. Drivers who are supportive of the elog mandate have said that if someone is resistant to the change, they are essentially admitting that they’ve lied about hours of service on their paper logs, a move that the federal government is trying to curb. The FMCSA says the mandate will save the trucking industry $1 billion a year, in time and money saved on paperwork. It is estimated that an average of near 30 lives and over 550 injuries per year will be eliminated due to curbing driving more time than allowable, causing driver fatigue.

These rules help drivers in a few ways. To begin, they streamline the paperwork process that many who still use paper logs have to go through. In this way, time is saved and so is cab space, as there won’t be a bulky paper log. Drivers will also be monitored more closely, so their drive time is more likely to be within the legal limits, making things safer and protecting drivers who are pushed by their carrier companies to bend or break the rules already in place. Along those lines, the mandate has specific rules against carrier companies harassing the driver during his rest times. Doing so can cause fines

Will your rates change? The first predictions were that freight rates would increase as the deadline to implement e-logs approaches, but that has not been the case. Professionals believed that purchasing the e-log devices and training drivers to use them would be a financial burden passed down to shippers. This is not proving true, as most rates are remaining consistent nationally. Does this mean a change isn’t coming? The truth is, we just don’t know. That’s why it is important to use a freight broker you can trust.

If you have questions about the e-log mandate (or anything else freight related), give HG Logistics a call. We would be happy to guide you through any questions you might have! Talk to someone at HG today!

Doug Bierman – Logistics Development Manager

HG Logistics, LLC
Phone: (877) 574-4744
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Solar Eclipse

August 21st, 2017

HG employees had fun taking a break from work today to observe the solar eclipse!


Image may contain: one or more people, people standing, sky, car and outdoorImage may contain: one or more people, people standing, shoes and outdoorImage may contain: one or more people, people standing, sky, cloud, tree and outdoor

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office dysFUNction

August 4th, 2017

Image result for dysFUNction  fun

Have you ever taken your child to work with you? When you do, do they go home talking about being chased around the office by your boss, who happens to have a can of silly string? Is there a guy in your office who is like a mocking bird who mimics whatever accent he must be hearing on the other end of the phone? Are there arguments? Is there someone who gets picked on a lot? Have you gotten grief about your outfit on a certain day? Can you bring your kids in on their day off from school and they earn money by helping out around the place? Is there laughter every single day? Is your general manager a truck driver- carpenter- painter-auto repair- home remodeler-exterminator- jack of all trades who helps out in a moment’s notice? Are there college kids, grandparents, and everyone in between?

Here at HG Logistics, an asset-based, third party freight broker in Cincinnati Ohio, we have all of these things. Sometimes in the whirlwind of ringing phones, rates, lanes, sales meetings, price haggling and copy machines, it is hard to remember that we are all people. And then something dysfunctional happens. Someone in the office needs a haircut, so it happens right there in the office. Someone’s brakes need done, so it happens right there in the warehouse. Water gun fights, bell ringing, arguments about sports teams….it looks dysfunctional. If you aren’t in the family, it probably is dysfunctional. Not for us, though.

I’m leaving HG today. I know that I’m going to miss the chaotic days. The laughter and the helpfulness of my coworkers is something that I’ve grown to be quite fond of in the past few years. The dysfunction here is what makes it worth coming to work. It reminds us that we celebrate, learn, and grow as a family. We celebrate together and mourn our losses together. Coworkers and family members die, babies are born, those college kids turn into college grads, children fall ill, and despite it all, HG is there to support and encourage.

I like to think that the dysfunction that happens every day in the office is more like dysFUNction. It brings us to smiles and laughter. All of that fun during the workday builds the bonds that remind us that our HG family is there to back us up if we need it. A work family forged in smiles that stands together through adversity and celebrates joys together isn’t always easy to come by these days. It is a kind of dysfunction that I am glad to have been a part of. I only hope that my future holds more of the same and that I continue to be a part of this family that I have grown to love.

Want to take my place? HG Logistics is always looking for hard working, fun loving individuals to fill open positions and outside agent roles. Contact us using the link to the left or call 513-244-3026.

Shark Week…

July 21st, 2017

Image result for shark week

Shark week is coming up next week, and while my kids love watching all of the action, my mind wanders to another place. Sharks make me think of aggression and the overall violent tearing apart of enemies. I don’t think most people think of sharks as sweet, cuddly, or even nice. Hmm….sounds like a freight broker. When many people who are in or have to deal with the transportation and freight industry think of freight brokers, they often think of aggression and the overall violent tearing apart of enemies. Sound familiar?

HG Logistics is an asset-based, third party freight broker based in Cincinnati, Ohio. We know other brokers. We know BIG broker companies. We know the ones who hire young-guns, ready to fire, jacked up on energy drinks and ready for confrontation. Some of these guys have nothing else to live for but the almighty dollar. They’ll scheme and scam and give people like US a bad name. That’s not us.

HG Logistics is so much more than some of those other guys…We have parents and grandparents here, aunts and uncles with families they love spending time with. We have younger folks with full and productive lives. We have ex-military, and future leaders. We have care and concern, pride in our work and a willingness to take care of one another, and our business partners. We are not a powerhouse broker. We don’t make millions by pushing people around and ripping them off. We take our time with our customers to understand their needs and concerns, which we pass along to our drivers. We work together, not against one another, every step of the way. There is no back-stabbing, surprise charging or disappearing. There are not phone recordings of profanity-laden interactions between our sales team and our truck drivers. There are drivers who come in to smiling faces every week for their paychecks, a GM with a license and willingness to take a load on the road himself, and a team full of people who want the best for everyone involved.

This year, if you want to be a part of Shark Week, go ahead and call the other guys. If you want to leave Shark Week on the tv, where it belongs, call HG Logistics. Whether you are looking for loads to move, to ship your product in or out, or for a position with a reputable broker as an agent, give us a call and let us show you what we are all about….beating the sharks at their own game!

Contact HG Logistics by calling 513-244-3026 or by using the link to the left!

Handling Feedback

July 14th, 2017

Image result for learn from criticism

How do you take negative feedback? I’m back to taking classes, and I have to tell you, PhD level professors can be harsh. I suppose it makes sense, since it is a high level degree. I mean, do you want people being called ‘doctor’ who don’t know their stuff? When I first went back to school, I would receive graded assignments full of comments about what should be different and how much more research I should have done. I felt so dejected. I felt like I was wasting my time and that I had made the wrong choice. Have you ever felt like you just weren’t cut out for something after someone gave you negative feedback?

Logistics can feel that way a lot of the time. It isn’t unusual to be the target when someone’s plans are interrupted and they need someone to blame. Freight brokers are often the bearers of bad news…missed appointments, accidents, breakdowns, product that isn’t ready, no lumper service…you get the idea. When you are the person who has to communicate mishaps to all parties, negative feedback comes with the territory. It is easy to feel like you’re the bad guy or that you just aren’t cut out for the industry.

Working at HG Logistics, an asset based, third party freight broker based in Cincinnati, Ohio, we have a way of dealing with negative feedback. It doesn’t involve giving up, placing blame, or shutting down. We learn from it.

Even when negative feedback comes in a less-than-tactful way, there is an opportunity for learning. Being able to pull the lesson from harsh criticism shows maturity and a willingness to grow, something that we at HG Logistics would like to believe we are capable of.

Due to this opportunity for learning, we want your feedback. We want to know how our drivers are treating you (and your freight), and that the truck delivered on time (or not) and if you’d like more or fewer check-ins. The ability to get better comes from the knowledge that our customers give. Of course, we love hearing the good stuff much more than the alternative, but we don’t want anyone out there to think that their complaints or suggestions are falling on deaf ears. We hear you and we use your input to make ourselves and our team better for you the next time around.

If you are like us here at HG and strive to learn from feedback, or if you wish the transportation provider that you currently use would do so, please give us a call. We love new customers and are always willing to align ourselves with new professionals in the 3PL industry. Contact HG Logistics today and find out how far you can go when you learn and improve rather than hang your head and give up!

Keeping cool…

July 6th, 2017


Summertime is a great time of year to be outdoors and enjoy nature. Having four kids who play outdoor sports during the hottest time of year, I am always on the lookout for great ways to beat the heat. Today, I am sharing a few favorites with you, some of which you can take to the park, ball games, or even at home.

super chilly cooling towelA huge favorite of my sons is the Frogg Togg towels. Now available in numerous brands and colors, these are essentially rubbery-feeling towels, that, when soaked in water and shaken out, provide a lasting cooling effect for quite some time. Of course, if you don’t have one of these guys, an old fashioned towel dipped in ice water can be a close substitute.



Another fan favorite, and one of my younger kids’ top choices is the spray bottle with attached fan. These can be found in anyImage result for spray bottle fan department store and have even popped up (for inflated prices) at amusement parks and zoos. A larger version of this has appeared in many dugouts and soccer fields lately, is the Arctic Sprayer, available on Amazon or at Home Depot, this thing is great for cooling down a whole sweaty group!

Arctic Cove Portable 18 Volt Two Speed Misting Bucket Fan Cordless Mister







You can also try a cooling spray. A simple search will turn up dozens of recipes for cooling sprays with mint, witch hazel and other cooling ingredients to spray yourself with to keep the heat at bay.

For the little ones, think about taking small water guns. Most people won’t be upset at an accidental squirt and it can double as entertainment for siblings at the games.

Other ways to stay cool include wearing a hat, staying under a pop-up sunshade or umbrella, and staying hydrated. Make sure that you wear appropriate clothing and shoes, and if your child plays baseball, think about packing an extra outfit with shorts and sandals to get out of the hot uniform asap!

HG Logistics, an asset based third party freight broker in Cincinnati, is all about keeping things cool. If you are interesting in working with a family oriented company full of great ideas, give us a call at 513-244-3026 or click the link to the left to contact us!