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When hauling your load, your commodity becomes our number one concern. Safety and protection are top priority. We understand each commodity is unique with specific needs and requirements. HG Logistics is a professional in handling sensitive and high maintenance cargo that requires refrigeration. We know that additional responsibilities come with temperature-sensitive cargo and fully exercise the following to ensure your cargo arrives in the same condition as when loaded.

Reefer Checklist

  • Identify Temperature Requirements

    Identify with customers the cargo required refrigeration level and windows of acceptable temperatures and communicates those requirements to carriers.

  • Pre-cool Trailer

    All trailers are pre-cooled to temperature specifications to ensure trailer is at acceptable level when product is loaded.

  • Monitor Temperatures

    Temperature is continually checked and monitored while in transit to ensure temperature is maintained at the acceptable levels.

  • Monitor Loading and Unloading

    Temperatures are closely checked during the loading and unloading process to ensure that temperatures don't rise or drop too quickly.


23,000+ Reefer Loads Hauled

In just the past six years, HG Logistics has successfully completed over 23,000 reefer loads.

Available Reefer Fleet

Over 6,000 Qualified Reefer Carriers

HG Logistics contracts with trusted, pre-qualified reefer specialist.

Commodities Serviced

Refrigerated loads for temperature-sensitive products are a vital part of the supply chain for many industries. HG Logistics is able to meet those needs with our available fleet of qualified reefer haulers.








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