Featured Employee- Duke Heller, Operations Manager


I have been in the logistics industry since cutting my teeth in 1995 and have had the fortunate opportunity to be mentored by several of the area’s best. In January 2008, I started with HG Logistics LLC during its infancy and I am PROUD to say I have had a successful tenure with the company. As in many cases, life throws you a curveball and my role with the company has changed to that of guidance and leadership. I have tackled this opportunity as I do everything in life–with an “all in attitude.” I have created a positive, family, team-oriented work culture where everyone’s input is welcomed and encouraged for the greater growth of the company. Our mindset is we treat and value every shipment, customer and opportunity with the upmost respect, attention and detail. I am excited to see what the future holds for HG Logistics as we build the program to an ELITE status.