Featured Employee – Jimmy Hayes, Logistics Coordinator

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Jimmy Hayes…

I am a newcomer to logistics looking to learn as much as possible about the business. Coming from being a personal trainer for five plus years, logistics is a completely different change in jobs. Yet, I got into logistics because I wanted to go from having a job to having a career. With HG Logistics, I believe that dream is possible. From the first day I started, HG Logistics embraced me like family and continue to help me grow. With the help of my colleagues and on my own, I am learning the business at a very high pace and will continue to learn the rest of my career. I look to keep moving up in this business and one day handling my own accounts with HG Logistics. HG Logistics put a lot of trust in me to learn the business and help grow the company. I feel blessed to have the opportunity and look to exceed expectations. I believe HG Logistics is paving the way to hit all my goals throughout my career.