HG Logistics LLC is Not Afraid to Dream!


When I woke up this morning and looked out my window, I saw a 3″ blanket of snow, and the first thing that popped into my head was that song, “I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas.” Now, I know Christmas is a few months past, but I was reminded that some people dream of this Winter Wonderland, and it truly does have a picture perfect look. The snow makes everything glisten with a purity and cleanliness. It lightens up surrounding areas. It even dresses up the naked, bare trees with a gown of white beauty. My eyes stared in amazement at how nature could paint such splendor with just a few strokes of snowflakes.

I am sure, as well, that this March winter snowfall was a dream come true for several school-aged children. Today, they can sleep in and then later spend the afternoon sled riding, making snow angels, and having snow ball fights. That is much more inviting than sitting behind a desk and listening to a teacher lecture them on the proper use of pronouns and subordinate clauses.

Aww dreams! Are we not a nation that encourages dreams? After all, this country was built on the dream of a few English settlers. Do we not tell our children to reach for their dreams? Dreams are good. Dreams inspire us. They give us focus. Dreams plant the seed of hope, and they motivate us to work and push forward. They encourage us not to give up. Even if life crushes one dream, we have the freedom to find another.

Last night as I watched American Idol, I was reminded that these young men and women are pursuing their dream of making it in the music industry. For at least one of them, American Idol will be the platform from which they will build their dream. And as I wrote this blog, it came to mind one of the most famous speeches of all times– Martin Luther King Jr.'s, “I Have a Dream” speech. His words have been quoted over and over again.

Unfortunately, some people like to be dream crushers. They approach dreams as fantasy, never to be realized. I sometimes wonder if this is part of the world's problems. So many have stopped dreaming and are content to just stay put in their current circumstances, never striving to improve or change their life for the better. What they don't realize is that dreams have such potential to become reality, right within their grasp, if only they are willing to work hard enough to achieve them.

Well, here at HG Logistics LLC, a third party logistics company and freight transportation broker located in Cincinnati, Ohio, we are not afraid to admit that we are “Dreamers.” Businesses are no different than individuals because they too have dreams. Businesses may not call them dreams. More than likely, they will refer to them as their “Five Year Plan” or their “List of Goals & Objectives,” but those are their dreams.

HG Logistics LLC has painted a picture, our dream, of where we want our company to be in all areas–economic health, customer satisfaction, innovative services, driver safety, problem resolution, and employee teamwork. This picture is our focus, and we strive for picture perfect. Until every stroke is strategically placed and until every piece is perfectly blended, we will continue to push forward until we complete our “look,” our “dream.”

I must be honest and admit that this Wednesday's morning snowfall was not part of HG Logistics' dream. Yes, it was a dreamlike sight to behold, but for us, it is more like a nightmare as we must consider the safety of our drivers on the road and the timely delivery of our customers' goods.  Although snow is not HG Logistics' dream, we would never discourage anyone from dreaming–not school-aged children nor make believe characters like Bing Crosby and Rosemary Clooney in White Christmas.

Dreams are good. Dreams are healthy, so HG Logistics is going to keep on dreaming, and we encourage America to do the same. Our dreams are what set us on track and what pushes us to the next level.  And what results?–A transformation of visions from dream to reality.