HG Logistics – Past, Present, Future

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Reflections by Dave Greek Jr., President


About three years ago, HG Logistics was founded.  As a sister company to Hill and Griffith, we knew there were opportunities to expand and strengthen our relationships with our customers, while in turn utilize the values of HG Logistics to expand our horizons into new markets.  While some may look back and question the timing of opening a new business in the early stages of a recession, I saw this as an opportunity to fill a need with exceptional customer service at a time when other companies began to cut back to rein in expenses.  


The timing could not have been better. Entering the market when others were leaving and providing a high value added product, allowed HG Logistics to build a customer base using the quality of our service and high integrity of our staff.  Our customers have come to appreciate the personal service and quick response in helping them with their freight solutions.


Today, HG Logistics continues to expand its customer base and is consistently achieving double digit monthly revenue growth.  The team at HG Logistics has a much diversified background that allows us to provide freight solutions for any industry, which we believe is one of our core competencies.  Unlike many other 3PL’s, we are not tied to a specific industrial/commodity segment, thus affording us a much larger potential customer base to draw. 


While the economy continues to struggle through the recession, we here at HG Logistics feel that these times allow us to keep on providing the highest level of service that so many others are considering non-essential.  We know the value of providing first in class service, and when you combine the high degree of integrity of our staff, it can only lead to a bright future. 


From all of us here at HG Logistics we appreciate your past, present, and future business.  We look forward to continuing to develop those customer relationships that lead to a mutually beneficial relationship.