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It’s a new year, and no doubt millions of us are hard at work proving to ourselves that *this* is the year that we will finally stick to our resolutions. When I think about making a resolution, I immediately think of the twenty pounds I’ve gained since last January. I also think of my caffeine addiction, my love for unhealthy snacks and bad television. Considering all that, I realize that the resolutions to lose weight, eat healthier or get into shape are all rooted in one place: shame. If I am honest, the weight that I put on is probably because I am becoming happier and more content in life and I’m not stressed out and keeping myself from eating. The can of soda a day is still much less than I used to drink, and the bad television adds up to an hour or two on the weekends. See what I did there? Already making excuses. The reason we break our resolutions is that the ones we usually set aren’t genuine. “I’m going to lose weight” is a resolution I would set because I’m not supposed to be happy about gaining almost two pounds per month in the past year, so I should want to lose it..

Truth is that I really don’t care.

What I do care about is how I feel. I feel slow and lazy. So, how do I translate this into something I might stick to? How about focusing on those feelings? Instead of losing weight, what I really need to focus on is feeling better. I think that this is something that everyone can set as a resolution each year and work towards it in their own way.

My new year’s resolution is to feel better. What does that mean? To begin, I thought about what doesn’t feel good about my life. I have very high stress, I don’t sleep well and I have low energy. I don’t like the way my extra weight feels, so I need to address that as well. I find then, that what I am going to do is bite the bullet and join the ranks of so many people who decide to join a gym in January. I’m not doing this from a place of shame. I’m doing it from a place of wanting to improve myself in a number of ways since studies show that exercise reduces stress, improves sleep and energy and will undoubtedly help my body take a shape that I am more satisfied with.

Another person might have trouble with negative people in their lives. These people might say “you need to …” or “why can’t you…”, constantly bringing shame. For this person, feeling better in the new year might not be a resolution of being more attentive to the needs of others or taking on more of a load at work, it might mean coming from a place other than shame to focus on something better. Their resolution might be to cut out the negative people in their life.

Setting the goal of doing things to make ourselves feel better might be the easy way out since if we find ourselves failing in one place, we can refocus on something else, but isn’t the point of a resolution to better our lives? We don’t make resolutions to create a new source for shame.

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