Positive Vibes

Holly JonesMiscellaneous


There has been a lot to watch in the news recently, and I don’t just mean the presidential race. With Hurricane Matthew making landfall in the U.S. today, crazy clown people and violence every day, sometimes it is difficult to see the bright side of things. People have numbers of ways to deal with the stress that daily life can cause. Many turn to their faith, exercise, meditation, playing and joking around, sleep, food, the list could go on for days.

I have personally had a difficult year and just when I think things are going to get back on track, another bump in the road pops up  in front of me. Sometimes I whine to myself and think that things aren’t fair. Other times I want to fight like a madman against every force that wants to tear me down. Other times, I want to stay in my pjs, eat ice cream and sleep until it is all over.

Everyone copes differently.  One thing that I believe can help anyone, in any state of mind, going through any struggle is a good support system. Sometimes that can be family, other times it can be friends. Coworkers, sports teammates, and sometimes even strangers can offer the best support and advice. One thing that I have learned in my (almost 3) years here at HG Logistics, a third party freight broker in Cincinnati Ohio, is what happens when coworkers turn into friends and then family. This place is full of crazy, don’t get me wrong. And there are all kind of it around here, both the fun and sometimes not so fun. I think that is part of what makes us work.

I know that there are people at work I can count on, whether I need repairs on my home or car, or I need an ear to bend. I’ve mentioned these kinds of things before. The best part about all of that is, in the end, these people genuinely care about each other. People ask how you’re feeling. If something is obviously wrong, they want to know what it is and how to help. They pray for you.

The benefits of HG Logistics and the caring, concerned mentality extend beyond our own walls. When you call HG, you can be sure that there is someone on the other end of the phone who will bring a positive vibe to your day. Whether they are joking around with you, working to solve an issue, or just making a deal, these people are good people.

HG Logistics cares deeply for the victims of Hurricane Matthew. Our thoughts are with all of those affected and we are sending positive vibes toward the south.

If you are looking to work for or with a great third party freight broker with reliable performance and a positive outlook, please look no further than HG. Contact us at 513-244-3026.