Prevention and Healthcare


In a recent article that I read by Dr. Andrew Myers in the Internet Truckstop, prevention could be our cure for the nation's healthcare woes. Having spent three days in the hospital myself in January with a heart ailment at the age of forty, Dr. Myers' point hits home. America is facing a health crisis. We are less active than ever before. Every year 900,000 people die from avoidable or preventable causes because they fail to maintain a healthy weight, eat smart and exercise, or because they smoke or drink excessively. Preventable deaths represent almost 40 percent of all U.S. deaths.

Dr. Myers notes that with our nation's unhealthy behaviors, it greatly impacts our already overburdened healthcare system. The U.S. spent more than $2 trillion on healthcare in 2007 and that number is expected to climb to 20 percent by 2017.

There are some simple daily habits that can have a big impact on our body's prevention of future health issues–drink more water, eat fresh, exercise daily, focus on sleep and breathe! Stress is a disease-causing agent and simply taking a few deep breaths a day can reduce some risks.

As an employee of HG Logistics LLC, a third party logistics company located in Cincinnati, Ohio, I can say that HG Logistics is a company that promotes and encourages its employees to incorporate healthy habits into their daily routines. It is reassuring to know that the trucking industry is taking an interest in the health and well being of its employees.