Too Young to Know Better?

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I spend a lot of time watching sports. I also spend a lot of time talking sports. You may have already noticed this. Regardless, I was recently talking with some friends about the Reds and their season this year. Let me first be honest. The Reds are projected to finish dead last. At my last check, they were at 200-1 odds of winning the World Series this year. Not so good. Now, let’s take a look at their start to this year… The Reds have won three straight series to start the season for the first time since 1990, when they went on to win the World Series. They won their opening series against Philly, then went on the road to win their series against the Cards in St Louis and the Pirates in Pittsburgh, with one game left against them tonight. The Reds stand at a respectable 6-2 record going into the game, and return home tomorrow to face the Milwaukee Brewers.

How are they doing it? How is such a young and inexperienced team finding success? The Reds have THE youngest roster in the MLB, with two rookies in the bullpen. The Reds have started the season with just two daily players over 30 years old… 33-year-old Joey Votto on first base and 31-year-old Zack Cozart at shortstop.One friend said to me “Maybe they’re just too young and fearless to realize they should stink”. I think he might have a point. When you don’t have the fear of failure, you don’t have to play as carefully, which means less pressure, and at times, better performance.

All of this made me think, what if everything were that way…inexperienced and fearless. Probably not so great, yeah? Consider it, there are literally thousands of freight brokers and carriers out there that are less than three years old, many under just a year old…no real experience, and no fear of really messing up. Why? Because they haven’t faced any real consequences. I think we have all encountered these types, they raise your rate once the load is on their truck, charge extra fees after delivery, lie about how shipments are going.

This isn’t baseball, folks. We are talking about more than that. We are talking about more than just your product, which by the way, is important to us here at HG Logistics. We are talking about your livelihood. Really, if shipments are a wreck, it falls upon the guy who arranged that carrier. If you are that guy, don’t trust inexperienced, flippant carriers. Here at HG Logistics LLC, and asset-based, third party freight broker based in Cincinnati, Ohio, we value experience. Every one of our account executives has experience in the industry. On our dispatch team, the least experienced person has been in the industry for three years, and the rest range from 5-20+ years of experience. We know our stuff. We’ve seen things, and we use that knowledge and experience to serve you with unparalleled expertise.

We love our Reds, and we are going to stand by them through thick and thin, young or old. Don’t do the same with your freight, trust a voice of experience.

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