Top Places to Work in Cincinnati!


Every now and then you see local magazines listing the “Top 10” places to work in Cincinnati. Well, I have to say that HG Logistics LLC would get my vote for #1. I have been with this third party logistics company since May 7, 2009, and I have nothing but positive feedback for anyone interested.

The atmosphere is wonderful. Everyone does their job and is in a good mood all the time, which is great because as the saying goes, “One bad apple can ruin the whole bunch.” Management gives employees quick, easy access to the necessary tools they need to grow their business. Not only do they practice the “open door policy,” but HG Logistics' management actually cares. Almost every morning, the V.P. makes his stroll through the office and says, “Good morning. How is your day?” The logistics coordinator is also open for suggestions about how we can improve as individuals and as a company. His playful nature invites us to speak our mind and to be open to all aspects of the logistics business.

As employees, we never experience that feeling that someone is constantly looking over our shoulders counting phone calls like in other sales facilities. As long as we do our job, bring in business and put in a full days work, we are free to incorporate our own ideas and strategies in order to meet company goals.

Once again, I just want to say what a great place HG Logistics LLC is to work and in this economy, I am not only thankful to have a job, but even more so for a job that I actually look forward to going to when i wake up in the morning.

Eric Fiehler