Truck Parking is About to Get Easier

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Parking presents its challenges to drivers of all vehicle types, but those challenges can prove astronomical to truckers maneuvering a semi with a 53′ trailer. Most of us are aware of the dangers truck drivers face while on the road, but rarely do we think of the risks associated with finding safe places to park.

It is reported that truckers spend an average of 56 minutes a day trying to find a parking spot. Availability is limited and when truck stops are full or not conveniently located, many drivers are forced to pull along the side of highways or on off-ramps. Obviously, these spots are not safely designed for truck parking and present hazardous conditions for truckers as well as other drivers.

The government is fully aware of the truck parking issues and have addressed the problem in the H.R. 2187-Truck Parking Safety Improvement Act. In the July 25, 2022, issue of the “The TIA on the Hill,” the TIA reported that the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee approved H.R. 2187 the week of July 18th. This piece of legislation grants $755 million dollars to be invested in truck parking projects over a four-year period. The chairman of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, Peter DeFazio, is confident that the House will approve the act by the end of August and by year end, it will be included in the U.S. Senate spending bill out.