Truckers – Prepare for Summer Driving

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June 20th officially marks the start of summer, and you would think that driving conditions for truckers would be more favorable than the slick, icy roads of winter. Although truckers may not be facing significant snowstorms, summer presents its challenges for drivers as well. Drivers need to be aware of the following conditions and prepare appropriately.

  1. Drivers will face extreme heat that can lead to heatstroke. It is important that they have plenty of bottled water available. Drinking plenty of water, even when you are not thirsty, will prevent dehydration and keep you from experiencing headaches, muscle cramps, and dizziness.
  2. The long hot days of summer are also hard on the truck and can cause mechanical issues. Tire blowouts can be the direct result of high temperatures. Making sure tires are inflated at the correct level can reduce the chances of this happening. Engines can also be affected by the brunt of the heat, so drivers should be cautious to reduce speed, especially on slopes to keep engines from overheating.
  3. The sun can cause unwanted glare on the road making it visually difficult to clearly see obstacles and road signs. Long hours gazing into the sun can damage drivers’ eyes as well. It is important for drivers to invest in polarized sunglasses for protection of eyes and glare reduction.
  4. Summer also means more congestion as families hit the road for their annual vacation trip and construction projects get under way. To avoid delays, drivers are wise to check traffic conditions before they get on the road and plan alternative routes if needed. Drivers also need to take caution to follow all signs and keep a sharp lookout for road workers. Most importantly, drivers need to practice patience, remembering that they are the trained professional drivers and need to watch out for those less experienced.
  5. Summer presents its share of extreme weather conditions including tornadoes, thunderstorms, and hurricanes. Summer storms can come suddenly and cause flash flooding on roadways. Drivers need to check local weather reports and heed warnings from local traffic authorities.

Drivers take care and be safe this summer!