Update on our Brain Tumor Survivor, Logan Heller


Once again, HG Logistics is acknowledging May as Brain Cancer Awareness Month. May is dedicated to supporting, empowering, and strengthening the voice of the brain tumor community. So many people and families have been affected by this disease, making it even more crucial to spread awareness and build support for research.

The statistics are staggering (see fact sheet provided by the National Brain Tumor Society). Over 1 million Americans are estimated to be living with a brain tumor. The brain is the so-called central computer that controls all body functions. Therefore, more than any other cancer, brain tumors can affect one’s ability to maneuver physically, as well as their mental ability to think and speak.

By raising awareness through sharing information, more people will rise to the occasion, contribute to research, and provide encouragement and support to those families affected.

Logan Heller, son of our Director of Operations, Duke Heller, is our brain tumor cancer survivor here at HG Logistics LLC. Logan has been battling this disease since November 2015 when he was diagnosed with a JPA (Juvenile Pilocytic Astrocytoma) tumor. Logan endured craniotomy surgery and 28 sessions of radiation treatments along his journey. They were able to surgically remove most of the tumor. However, part of it is embedded in his brain stem and is inoperable. Thus, they have been treating him with chemotherapy drugs that have been successful in shrinking and maintaining the tumor to a size of 2 cm.

As reported last year, they added the second chemo drug with the hope that it will make the tumor go dormant. Since these drugs are producing positive outcome in stabilizing the tumor and keeping it from growing, Logan’s doctors are continuing with this treatment plan.

Logan has not let his diagnosis stop him from living and enjoying life. He fills his days with working, staying fit, playing sports, and of course, spending time with his cat, Pablo.

HG Logistics is so thankful for Logan’s victory over his cancer. It is something Logan battles every day, and he does so with a positive attitude and a determination to stay strong both physically and mentally.

We encourage everyone to take this matter to heart and contribute in any way you can to the “Go Gray in May” campaign to find a cure.

Brain Tumor Fact Sheet