2023 Christmas Festivities at HG Logistics



HG Logistics LLC tried something new this Christmas Season. For the first time, all employees participated in a Secret Santa Gift Exchange. Everyone was not only willing, but excited to take part. Perhaps it was the anticipation of guessing who picked your name or the amusement of playing Santa, but for whatever reason moved them, everyone joined in the fun.

On Thursday, December 21, 2023, we exchanged our gifts and Secret Santa did not disappoint. The gifts were well thought out and so fitted to everyone’s likes. It was impressive as to how everyone took the time to plan gifts perfectly suited for their person.  There was UC gear, Cincinnati Reds apparel, liquor exchange, and one employee even gifted some home cooked lunches.

The festivities were enjoyed by all. There was much noise, laughter, and good conversation, and of course, plenty of snacks and treats to munch on.

HG Logistics LLC first attempt at Secret Santa was a success, and we are already planning to do it again next year. It really is a joy to give.

May all of you experience joy this Christmas Season.