2024 Decision-Making / Let HG Logistics Handle Your Freight


The Mirror, a British newspaper, reported that the average person will make 773,618 decisions over a lifetime. How they configured this number was not reported, but the majority confirms that we must make numerous decisions daily and that those decisions all have consequences–good and bad. Some will have momentous outcomes and some less noteworthy results. But there is no getting around the fact that the decision-making process is a vital part of life’s existence from the day we take our first breath until our last.

January, being the start of a new year, is a notable time to evaluate past decisions and their effectiveness and a time to pursue new possibilities. HG Logistics LLC is constantly revolving and adapting to the changing demands of the transportation industry and our decisions reflect our adaptation to better service our customers.

Our customers are experiencing the same and at the start of 2024, they also are having to make decisions that better meet their needs.

As a transportation broker servicing the United States, Canada, and Mexico, HG Logistics’ job is to make this process easier, smoother, cost-effective, and more productive for our customers.  As our existing customers and potential new customers analyze their choices and lock in their 2024 decisions as to how to best move their freight, be informed as to what HG Logistics has to offer.








Flexibility: Relationships: Expertise: Insight: Grounded: Handles Issues: Time & Money Saver:
HG Logistics LLC can handle the spikes and lows that manufactures and producers experience with normal business cycles. HG can easily adjust to the needs of more or less capacity relieving unnecessary stress for businesses as they travel the ups and downs from season to season. HG Logistics values relationships with our customers. We partner with them to implement a strategic plan to benefit their shipping needs and help secure success in their business endeavors. HG Logistics has 17 1/2 years of experience in the transportation business. We know this business inside and out and thus, well qualified to be your one stop shop for all your transportation needs. HG Logistics has insight to an extensive network of pre-qualified carriers. HG Logistics does all the leg work in researching schedules and pricing and can provide the best price and capacity for all modes of transportation. HG Logistics is grounded in our knowledge of the transportation business and committed to following best business practices. We are proud partners with the TIA and SmartWay. HG Logistics handles all the issues pertaining to your shipment including timing, delays, or other hiccups. We take care of the contracts and documentation so our customers can stay focus on their primary business functions. HG Logistics has more carrier options and more volume to tender to carriers. This positions us to offer better service, more handling options, and to negotiate lower pricing. HG Logistics handles everything in regards to transportation freeing up the customer’s time. These time and money saving options are passed along to our customers.