June 28 – National Logistics Day- Honoring Those Who Keep Freight Moving


June 28th is National Logistics Day, and this year, 2023, marks the 5th annual celebration of this day. Although National Logistics Day is fairly new, logistics is dated as far back as the Roman Empire when the Romans developed a logistics system in which they used military officers called “logistikas” to ensure their armies were adequately supplied with war materials. The development of logistics only continued to enhance from that point forward.

With the Middle Ages came an elaborate road system and warehouses, and the Industrial Revolution realized great advancements in logistics with the addition of ships and railways. By WWI, the internal-combustion engine made motor transport feasible and much more widely used.  Although the early days proved logistics critical in war time, it proved just as essential during peace time. It was after WWII that logistics began to make the shift from warfare supply to the movement of everyday household goods. Today in the United States alone, we see approximately eleven million shipping containers enter our ports, and over fifteen million trucks, two million of which are tractor trailers, operating on our roads.

History has ascertained that logistics is a vital link in supplying essential needs and is critical in keeping things moving and our economy prospering. Logistics is what makes necessities available to everyone everywhere–locally, nationally, and worldwide.

National Logistics Day is a day to recognize and honor all those visible and those behind the scenes that work diligently every day to make the system work smoothly and efficiently. So many have devoted time, energy, and hard work overseeing the safe warehousing, shipping, and delivery of freight. So please join us on June 28th in recognizing and honoring all those who have dedicated themselves to making sure our needs are met.