A Little Bit of History

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This month, HG Logistics LLC celebrates 15 years serving the transportation industry. However, our history extends back much further than September 2006. It actually goes back as far as 1896 when two gentlemen, John Hill and T. L. Griffith, launched the first complete foundry supply house called The Hill and Griffith Company. The Hill and Griffith Company is HG Logistics’ sister company, both currently owned by David Greek Jr, the great grandson of John Hill. Thus, this has been a family-owned business for 125 years.

Through the years, Hill and Griffith has remained dedicated to custom casting solutions and HG Logistics to providing excellent transportation solutions to their customers. Although Hill and Griffith and HG Logistics each have their own unique function and differ in the goods and services they provide, they stand united in the policies and standards by which they operate their business.

John Hill built his company on integrity–meaning his customers could trust his word. His integrity was represented in the products and services bearing the company name.

As he stated in 1899, “My plan was to organize a Foundry Supply House where fundamentals were based on quality and service.”

While much has evolved in the way of technology and production since 1896, the principles have stayed the same. The family owners, starting with John Hill all the way to current owner, David Greek Jr., have ensured that loyalty, integrity, and commitment to excellence have been and will continue to be the driving force behind both Hill and Griffith and HG Logistics LLC.

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