A Story Behind the Face


I was sitting on the bus on the way home the other evening, and I began to look at the faces of all the people riding along side of me. Some of the faces were familiar, some were strangers. Some I will see tomorrow, and others I will never cross paths with again. Contrary to what you may think, I was not sitting there judging their choice of clothes or their particular hairstyle. What I was thinking as I studied their faces was: What is their story? What brings them on the bus? Where are they going or where are they coming from?

My mind kept repeatedly thinking: You know, that woman with three small children, hauling a stroller, a diaper bag, and a couple bags of groceries–she has a story. That man dressed in a business suit reading his newspaper has an account of his life to tell also. Even the teenager texting away on his cell phone and b-bobbin to his music, although young, already has a few chapters written in his book. I was thinking how each of us is unique and special and how different our lives are. Thus, our stories are unique as well. No one has lived your life but you and each day you add a new chapter to your story.

Coincidentally, this same issue was addressed by a priest at my great nephew's First Communion that I attended a few weeks ago. Perhaps what he said is what triggered my mind to thinking on this matter in the first place.  The priest told the children that their life is like a book and a lot of what happens in the story depends on their choices.

Now, some of us like to keep our stories private, while others don't mind to make them public. Some prefer only to share with a select few. Consider how Facebook, Twitter, and even blogging have soar in popularity the past few years. These are all means by which we can share our stories and bits and pieces of our lives.

This blog I write for HG Logistics LLC, a third party logistics company and freight transportation broker located in Cincinnati, Ohio, is a way for us to let people know more about us both as a company and as individuals. It gives our viewers snap shots into our world of transportation, and it has always been my goal to give it a homey, personal touch. This might not be the politically correct way to conduct a business blog, but it is the only way I know how. I hope by exposing our humanness it will draw people to us.

With all that said, I now present you with HG Logistics' story of the week…

This story centers on our dispatcher, Duke Heller. Duke scheduled to take a PTO day on May 25, 2012, in order to play in a Memorial Day Softball Tournament. However, for whatever reason, his team decided to back out of the tournament.

Since Duke already planned to take the day off and he didn't have anything else better to do, he decided to get married. He kept it a secret from all of us until he came in Tuesday morning wearing a wedding band and a big smile. Duke and his girlfriend, Barb, got dressed up and went to Eden Park, just the two of them and of course, the minister. The ceremony lasted all but two minutes. Afterwards, they grabbed a bite to eat and then went to the Reds game. Now, not many of us would have that wedding story to tell, but it is Duke's and Barb's, and they were gracious enough to let me share it with all of you.

Remember…in every home, in every business, and yes, even on every bus there is a story in the making. Don't be afraid to tell it.