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Jayde – Six-Year-Old Granddaughter

My six-year-old granddaughter is very competitive. She always wants to be first, the best, the fastest, and of course, the winner. Although I admire her fighting spirit to accomplish her goals, sometimes her competitive spirit gets in the way of her relationships. When she is declaring victory, another is sulking in their defeat. This often creates a wedge between her and her friends. Needless to say, I have had several conversations with her about not turning everything into a competition. I encourage better alternatives such as taking turns, inspiring her friends to work hard, and to celebrate with them when they do well. I told her if she does this, she will make friends and keep friends forever.

Talking to my granddaughter about her competitiveness reminded me of an important principle by which HG Logistics conducts business. And no, it is not the principle of beating everyone to the top at other’s expense. That would be called a Win/Lose situation. In contrast, HG Logistics LLC thinks Win/Win. The Win/Win concept was first introduced by Steven Covey in his book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. To achieve a Win/Win, it begins with developing character–character of integrity and maturity and a selfless attitude fixed on sharing the abundance. Good character helps to build trust which leads to developing relationships and out of respect for those relationships, mutual agreements can be reached.

Character/Relationships/Agreements are what HG Logistics LLC strives for in all our business endeavors. We build trust by providing honest solutions to our customers shipping needs, fixing problems instead of playing the blame game, and most importantly, keeping our word. In addition, being a freight broker puts HG Logistics in a unique position because we are both a buyer and seller of transportation. Therefore, we work to build confidence on both sides not only with our customers, but with our carriers as well.

HG Logistics LLC drives to produce success for all parties involved. We develop Win/Win with our customers by delivering on our promises and providing top-notch services. HG Logistics in turn is rewarded with devoted, loyal customers. We accomplish a Win/Win with carriers thru open communication, fair, on-time compensation, and support in resolving problem situations. As a result, HG Logistics has acquired a fleet of reliable, go-to carriers we can depend on time after time.

In the transportation business, HG Logistics LLC is a firm believer in the Win/Win concept as the best model for business achievements. The Win/Win grows out of high-trust relationships and supportive systems. We truly believe the best policy is to share the victory with our customers and carriers vs. hoarding the success. We make partners not competitors in our stride to accomplish our business goals. And just like I told my six-year-old granddaughter, when you look out for others, you will make and develop long-lasting friendships.

We Invite All to Come and Experience a Win/Win with HG Logistics LLC!