A-Z of the BEST Freight Brokers


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When you’re thinking about using a freight broker, like HG Logistics, a third party broker out of Cincinnati, Ohio, you may wonder what you should be looking for. I have done a little of the work for you here. Based on our experience here at HG Logistics as well as some research, I have found the A to Z basics of what to look for  in order to find the best quality broker for your needs!

A- Affordability! Please note that I did not keep this idea for “C” as in “cheap”. Cheap rarely indicates quality in this business. That said, you want to choose a company that you can comfortably afford.

B- Beware of Basement Brokers! With the recent boom of freight brokers out there, a lot of “basement brokers” are popping up. Oftentimes, these guys are not compliant or aware of current regulations and pass that risk on to you. Beware!

C- Cohesion. You want to work with a company where, no matter who picks up the phone, the story is the same and they know what is going on with your freight. Cohesion usually indicates teamwork and cooperation within the company.

D- Dispatch Dynamos! A great broker can rest its laurels on a great team of dispatchers who work hand in hand with your driver to ensure timely and quality service.

E- Established. Go with a company that is established and has the experience to handle anything. HG Logistics is over 10 years old and our employees average over 5 years in the freight industry!

F-Freight Doctor. Does your freight broker have and in-house “Freight Doctor”? HG Logistics does. If you have a problem or need, or just want to take preventative measures, They can diagnose and treat your freight needs!

G-Give Back- As with any business partner, you’ll want to work with a company who gives back to their community. HG Logistics donates to local charitable organizations, holds food and toy drives and handles freight free of cost to aid with community needs.

H-Hands-On. You don’t want to work with an account executive who doesn’t know what’s going on. Be sure that your contact at the brokerage has their hands in the middle of the action, with direct contact with his or her driver and your origin and destination points.

I-Insurance. It may seem obvious, but be sure that your broker has the proper insurance to haul your freight. Know that if you ship high-value or haz-mat materials, your coverage may differ from the norm.

J-Jovial-  The company you choose should be cordial, caring and fun to work with. Use a broker who is pleasant, kind and effective. A sign that a broker is great is when they are able to have a good time, and know when it is appropriate to do so!

K-Know-How. HG Logistics has the know-how to move anything. We can take care of escorts, permits and moving power lines if necessary. Does your broker have the knowledge to make things happen for you?

L-Location Services. Work with a company who can and will provide you with the location of your freight so that you can track progress and rest assured that things are running smoothly.

M-Motivated– Make sure that the people you are working with are motivated to be the best. You can tell if a person is motivated to do more and provide great service just by talking with them, so look for it when you’re speaking with your account executive. Don’t stick around with a complacent freight broker.

N-Nationwide Availability- Find a broker who is available to take your freight anywhere you need it to go! Not every carrier is able to go into every state. We will promise you that our drivers will get from start to finish without issue.

O-Options- Use a freight broker who will explore options with you. An LTL load might be cheaper if you move it as a full load, of vice-versa. A temp-controlled load may not need refrigeration in the winter months, resulting in a lower freight cost. Be sure to use a broker who is aware of and willing to offer you options for your needs.

P-Point of Contact. To find a great broker, you’ll want to work with a company who dedicates a single account executive to your freight. While there may be others, such as dispatchers and accounting personnel who handle your account, you should have one point of contact for all of your needs.

Q-Questions- When you are looking for a broker, questions are important. Be sure to ask every question you have, and get the answers! A great broker will have them. Another thing a great broker will have? Questions for you. Brokers need to ask questions to best assess your need. If they don’t ask questions, it means they don’t care. Move on.

R-Reachable. Look for a broker who is always there. HG Logistics is not 9-5. We have on-call dispatchers for you as well as your account executive who are reachable 24/7-365.

S-Smartway. Smartway is an EPA program that tries to ensure that the freight industry is working to reduce negative impacts on the environment and public health. HG Logistics is a Smartway Partner.

T-Transparency. If you ever have a freight issue, you’ll want to work with a company who is transparent. This is the best way to ensure that you are going to find the best, most effective resolution to any problem. Don’t stick with a broker who will keep you in the dark.

U-Understanding-Work with a freight broker who is understanding. You’ll have last minute freight and cancellations. You’ll be running late to load. Work with a team who is understanding that things happen and will work with you professionally to complete the task!

V-Vigilance. Work with a broker who is vigilant about taking care of your freight. Sometimes shippers accidentally send wrong products or amounts. Brokers like HG Logistics will require drivers to double check the load with their bills to be sure that things are done right the first time.

W-Willing- Do you have a challenging load to move? Be sure that you are working with a broker who is willing to move anything for you. Some brokers limit what they will haul based on preferences. HG Logistics is willing to move your freight. Talk to us about it and we are willing to work for you!

X-Xanthoses- Ok, I may have taken a slight shortcut here, but xanthoses is a noun which is a yellowish color. Golden yellow is one of the main colors in the HG Logistics logo. I’m just saying, go with a broker who is great and who has xanthoses as a key part of their logo (Like HG!).

Y-Youthful- While the actual age of the people you’re working with don’t have to be young, you will want to work with a youthful company. Youthful business partners who are motivated, energetic, creative and on the forefront of the business are the best to work with when you want things done efficiently.

Z-Zealous– Find a company with a great passion for what they do. Being zealous about freight is key to finding the best folks to get your materials moved.

If you are looking for an amazing company to work with as an employee, customer or carrier who possesses all of these qualities, you are in the right place. Contact HG Logistics LLC for all of your needs! Call 513-244-3026 or go to our “Contact HG Logistics” link on the left for more information!