Are Your Carriers in Compliance?

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 At HG Logistics LLC, a Cincinnati based 3rd party transportation and logistics company, we diligently investigate our contracted carriers. We ensure that they are in compliance with all safety regulations and have maintained proper authority status and insurance requirements.


Through Carrier 411, an insurance and authority monitoring service, we are alerted daily of any changes in insurance, authority, and safety ratings for our contracted carriers. We require all carrier files to maintain a Certificate of Due Diligence and a Certificate of Insurance with HG Logistics LLC listed as the certificate holder.


If at any time a carrier’s safety rating reports a “conditional” or “unsatisfactory” rating, HG Logistics LLC conducts its own investigation to ensure they are performing all necessary steps to reverse this rating. Our procedure includes receiving copies of the FMCSA’s inspection reports and contacting the carrier to complete a Safety Questionnaire, which requires responses to the following:



  1.  Do you have a safety program in place?
  2. Is your recordkeeping in compliance with DOT regulations (medical exams, accident reports, etc.)?
  3. Who audits your driver logs and how do you handle violations?
  4.  Do you have a vehicle safety program?
  5. Who makes repairs on your equipment and do they sign off on their repairs?


HG Logistics LLC makes SAFETY a priority.