Benefits of Loyalty

Holly JonesMiscellaneous

Isn’t it nice when you walk into your favorite coffee shop, bar, or restaurant and the guy behind the counter knows your name and your order? Being a loyal customer comes with benefits, and that doesn’t stop with food and drinks. I know of several car dealerships who often have tickets to MLB or NFL games on-hand especially for customer perks. Which customers get those tickets? The ones who come in to the dealership for every oil change or who are return customers to buy a vehicle. Want a discount on fuel? Be loyal to your local grocery store. Want a free frozen yogurt? Buy five, then your next one is on the house. Discount haircuts, free soda pop, you name it, and buying more from the same business ends in innumerable perks!

Why am I talking about customer loyalty? Well, if you are a shipper, you know what it’s like to have a transportation company at the ready when duty calls. As a customer of a quality carrier like HG Logistics, an asset based third party freight broker in Cincinnati, Ohio, you’ll learn firsthand what it’s like to be treated like a loyal customer. That’s how we get you to become one!

What’s this royal treatment look like? Imagine calling your carrier and saying “Hey, I have one of those Philly to Denver loads. You got it?”. Your account rep on the other end says “Same as last time? Yeah, we got you”. With HG, we remember you. We remember what your load is, what it weighs and what kind of truck you need. We verify any changes and get you moving as quickly and seamlessly as possible. The more you move with us, the better we know you. We learn about your family, your sports teams (we might remember even more if our teams beat yours), your alma mater. At HG Logistics, we like our customers. We like learning about you, building relationships and building trust. Working with us repeatedly helps us both, we understand one another more and the relationship becomes symbiotic.

There are other perks to being a loyal HG customer, and one that you may not find elsewhere…once you build that relationship with us, we love your suggestions! If you don’t like the way something is done, we are always willing to hear from our customers about how they think we could do better. We love to improve ourselves and grow. That’s who we are and how we’ve lasted.

If you are interested in building lasting, meaningful business relationships with a top-tier carrier, give us a call. You can talk with one of our account reps, a dispatcher, or go straight to our General Manager, Doug, and get all your questions asked, answered and taken care of.
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