Change is Good


For me, Labor Day always marked the end of summer–the pools close, the kids are back in school, vacations are behind us. In some ways it is sad. We hate to say goodbye to all the fun activities of summer, but in other ways it is good. It is an opportunity to shift gears and redirect ourselves. Sure, we needed the relaxation of lying by the pool and soaking in the sun's rays. The problem is that many of us would stay in that position indefinitely unless something probed us to get up and move. And I think the turning of the seasons does just that. It forces us to put some things behind us and move on to new adventures. So yes, fall is near, and we now need to pull up the petunias and replace them with a bundle of hay, a straw scarecrow, and a couple of pumpkins. And now instead of sipping lemonade by the pool, we will be drinking hot apple cider at the local pumpkin festival.

I like the changing of the seasons. Life would just be way too boring if things stayed the same all year long. This is true in any area of life. Without change, things quickly become stagnant and life stops evolving. I think change is good for a number of reasons: It teaches us to be flexible; it makes us smart because we have to learn new skills; and it lifts us out of a rut.

Change is important in our professions as well as in our personal lives. Businesses that survive are those that continually adapt to changing technology, shifting economies, and fluctuating demands and needs of their customers. Although most of us know this to be true, if we are completely honest, we would admit that change does not feel natural. It is something we often resist because we like to stay in our comfort zone with the old familiar.

But this way of thinking is not practical for survival in a forever changing world. That is why we here at HG Logistics LLC, a third party logistics company and freight transportation broker located in Cincinnati, Ohio, embrace change. HG Logistics has learned the importance of reacting quickly to change because in transportation, incidents occur daily that cause a shift in plans. Although the cause of such changes is often beyond our control, such as weather, traffic conditions, illnesses, and backlog at shipper/receiver points, we are in control of how we respond. HG Logistics reacts quickly to minimize delays.  Whether it is through rescheduling, rerouting, or recovering a load, you can be assured HG Logistics will make the necessary adjustments to secure safe, timely delivery of your product.

So if you want a transportation broker/third party logistics company that is flexible, smart, and adaptable to your needs, contact HG Logistics LLC. We provide quality service through every season–through the fall winds, the winter sleet, the spring rains, and the summer heat.

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