Christmas 2011 Brings “Living Hope”


Living Hope Transitional Home

The Holidays are a time when many of us reflect on how blessed we are, but it is also a time of the year when struggles and losses become more evident. As a result, some of us stand counting our blessings, while others contemplate their misfortunes. Yet, what is exceptional about the Holidays is that it speaks to people’s hearts and moves those more fortunate to help those who find themselves on the other end of the spectrum. What I have experienced, and probably many of you as well, is that this can flip-flop from year to year–sometimes we find ourselves the recipients of people’s kindness and other years we are doing the giving.

Well, here at HG Logistics LLC, a third party logistics company and transportation broker located in Cincinnati, Ohio, we have felt tremendously blessed the past few years. Although we are a fairly new company (in existence since September 2006), we have experienced growth and success with each year. Therefore, the past few Christmas Seasons we have sought to share our blessings with our surrounding community.

In our search for people in need, we discovered a home that is in the ministry of restoring hope in the lives of young mothers. Living Hope Transitional Home helps women who have found themselves for whatever reason or for whatever circumstances, trying to raise children often without a high school education, without employment, without support and without a home. Living Hope mentors these women who are committed to change. They provided a safe environment for these women and their children so that these mothers can concentrate on getting their education, searching for a job, and developing life skills and marketable qualifications. For these women, Living Hope is a stepping stone for them to get their life on track so that they can raise their children in a safe, desirable, and encouraging environment.

As an adult looking back on my own childhood, I realize how blessed I was. Not one day of my childhood did I ever worry about whether or not I would have food to eat, a roof over my head, or clothes on my back. I always felt safe and secure. I now realize that not everyone can say they had that same experience. But it is encouraging to know that there are places like Living Hope Transitional Home that are helping young mothers so that they too can give their children a worry-free life, a life where they can enjoy just being kids.

Inspired by what Living Hope is accomplishing, HG Logistics LLC decided Christmas 2011 to assist Living Hope by providing gifts for the children living there. Although our gifts are minimal compared to what it takes to support these families throughout the year, our thought was to give them a blessed Christmas, a Christmas filled with a childlike faith that believes “good things can happen.”

HG Logistics LLC wishes these women the best, and we hope that they do not look at our gifts as just a charitable contribution, but as a message that we totally support their efforts to build a better life for themselves and their children.