College Recruits


HG Logistics LLC, a third party logistics company and transportation broker in Cincinnati, Ohio, has hired a couple college students, Allison Smith and Maura Winters, to assist with our everyday operations and to help with the startup of our plans to go paperless.

Allison Smith and Maura Winters

Allison Smith started in January 2011 as an intern. She has learned how to accomplish many tasks performed by the company and has enjoyed getting to know all the wonderful employees at HG Logistics. She is a student at Xavier University and hopes that her experience here will help her after she graduates. Allison is now a part of the customer service team. She has worked in home health care and is looking forward to the rest of her time at HG Logistics. Allison enjoys singing and dancing and is very excited about her upcoming sophomore year at Xavier.

Maura Winters was introduced to HG Logistics by her friend and roommate, Allison. Maura also attends Xavier University as a Communications major. She hopes to become more knowledgeable about how a business runs and to expand her skills as a customer service representative in order to benefit her in the future. Maura has worked at Skyline Chili and Xavier’s Phonathon. She enjoys spending time with her family and friends and is excited to get to know the HG Logistics Team.