Come Join HG Logistics' Circus


This past weekend I went to the Shrine Circus with my two daughters and my granddaughter. I forgot how exciting the circus is. At first, I was skeptical as to whether or not my 20 month old granddaughter would sit through the whole two hours, but there is so much going on at the circus, she was entertained by it all. We saw a lion tamer, a high wire act, trapeze artists, jugglers, acrobats on prancing horses, dancing elephants, and of course, clowns. We even saw “The Human Cannonball.”

The circus is alive and vibrant. No wonder it has attracted both young and old for years and years. I have often heard people say that they were going to run away and join the circus and I would ask myself,  'Why?' But after thinking about it, I am convinced they want to do so in order to experience that exuberant life on a daily basis. I have also concluded that if we each truly examine our lives, many of us would realize we are already living the “Circus Life.”

I know here at HG Logistics LLC, a third party logistics company and transportation broker located in Cincinnati, Ohio, we have plenty of acts of our own. We walk the tight rope every day balancing the demands of our customers while at the same time keeping our drivers safe and operating within DOT regulations being careful not to stumble at either end. We are lion tamers throwing bait to truckers to get them to jump through hoops and run lanes that are less than desirable. We perform trapeze stunts swinging and flipping schedules from one end to the other to make sure everything is covered and nothing dropped. We are all jugglers juggling between phone calls, dispatching, covering loads, entering orders, scheduling, etc., etc. And let me add that we don't just juggle with balls, but with fire as well. Although we often feel like we have the weight of the elephants on our shoulders, it is well worth it when we can get them to do their tricks. I can also report that between all those dare devil, nerve wracking performances, there is an occasional clown that appears and makes us all crack up laughing.

Let me warn you, though, that many of our acts will leave you clinching your teeth and gasping for air, but we guarantee that in the end, you will be awestruck and totally thrilled with the performance.

Yes, I confess. I have run away and joined the HG Logistics LLC Circus and let me say am proud to be part of ……

“The Greatest Show on Earth!”