Community Support


HG Logistics LLC loves being part of community whether it be our own little community of co-workers here at HG, or being part of the community of small business owners of Cincinnati, Ohio, or being part of the coast-to-coast transportation industry of the United States. Community is essential for a healthy mindset. Community brings people together and embraces spirit, character, image, and pride. Community lets people know that they matter and that through commitment and togetherness, people’s needs will be met.

HG Logistics LLC wants to be that support needed in the communities in which we touch base. Opportunity to do just that often presents itself when extra product is left on our trucks due to overage. Instead of discarding it, HG Logistics reaches out to local charities accepting donations. These organizations are always grateful for any contributions to help meet the needs of struggling families in their neighborhood.

There is definitely truth to the saying: “It is better to give than to receive,” because…

HG Logistics LLC feels extremely blessed to be able to help our local communities.