David Greek Sr. Will be Missed

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Death is always a topic we try to avoid and one I do not particularly care to blog about. Death makes us uncomfortable because it is painful and frightening. However, death is something we all have to face at some point in our lives, and at HG Logistics LLC our hearts are tender this week as we deal with the loss of David Greek Sr. David Greek Sr. was the President of our affiliate company, Hill and Griffith, and on Monday, June 7, 2010, Mr. Greek passed away. Although Mr. Greek’s health had been failing the past few years and his death was not totally unexpected, it does not make it any easier to say goodbye to a father, friend, and coworker.

Having been employed by both Hill and Griffith and HG Logistics LLC, I have a total of 15 years experiencing working for the Greek family, and from experience, I can attest that they are great people to work for. I can recall the first time I met David Greek Sr. His large, what appeared to me to be a 6′ 4″ frame, towered over everyone in the room and his physical presence alone could prove quite intimidating. However, as I got to know him over the years, I personally found Mr. Greek quite approachable. He was someone with a great sense of humor who always made me laugh. He was definitely a determined man and over time I even grew to appreciate his stubbornness. He was not easily swayed, but the fact that the goals he visualized for Hill and Griffith led them to over 100 years of success tells me his vision was right on track.

David Greek Jr. now has the privilege to carry on his father’s vision as he oversees the operations of Hill and Griffith and HG Logistics LLC. Our prayers are with David Greek Jr. as he finds strength to heal and get pass the pain. In the mean time, all of us at Hill and Griffith and HG Logistics LLC can help keep David Greek Sr.’s visions, dreams, and aspirations alive and well as we work to keep his company operating at a level where it will experience another 100 years of success.