December Brings the Gift of E-logs

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December is quickly approaching, and with that, big changes to the trucking industry. Many drivers out there on the road are going to have to learn a new skill- keeping an elog. What is an elog? It is an electronic record of a drivers hours of service, meant to replace the paper logs that many drivers still use today. The new rule will take effect December 18.

Why is this a big deal? Well, besides agriculturally exempted carriers and folks driving a truck built before 1999, this can mean a big expense, training for drivers, and greater accountability. Drivers who are supportive of the elog mandate have said that if someone is resistant to the change, they are essentially admitting that they’ve lied about hours of service on their paper logs, a move that the federal government is trying to curb. The FMCSA says the mandate will save the trucking industry $1 billion a year, in time and money saved on paperwork. It is estimated that an average of near 30 lives and over 550 injuries per year will be eliminated due to curbing driving more time than allowable, causing driver fatigue.

These rules help drivers in a few ways. To begin, they streamline the paperwork process that many who still use paper logs have to go through. In this way, time is saved and so is cab space, as there won’t be a bulky paper log. Drivers will also be monitored more closely, so their drive time is more likely to be within the legal limits, making things safer and protecting drivers who are pushed by their carrier companies to bend or break the rules already in place. Along those lines, the mandate has specific rules against carrier companies harassing the driver during his rest times. Doing so can cause fines

Will your rates change? The first predictions were that freight rates would increase as the deadline to implement e-logs approaches, but that has not been the case. Professionals believed that purchasing the e-log devices and training drivers to use them would be a financial burden passed down to shippers. This is not proving true, as most rates are remaining consistent nationally. Does this mean a change isn’t coming? The truth is, we just don’t know. That’s why it is important to use a freight broker you can trust.

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