Delivering Skyline to our Hometown Cincinnati Reds


HG Logistics LLC is located in the heart of Cincinnati, Ohio, and we are proud to call ourselves buckeye residents. However, nothing made us prouder than the opportunity this week to carry a little of our Cincinnati trademark tradition all the way across the United States to Goodyear, Arizona. Our home team, The Cincinnati Reds, are currently in Arizona where they are completing their 2022 spring training in the state-of-the-art Plaza Development Complex and are scheduled to play games in the Goodyear Ballpark which they share with the Cleveland Guardians.

On March 3, HG Logistics LLC will be surprising our hometown boys with a load of our famous Cincinnati Skyline Chili. If you are not from Cincinnati, you may not understand our obsession with this chili, but if you were born and raised here, you are all too well familiar with those midnight cravings for a Skyline 3-Way or cheese coney.  HG Logistics is grateful for the opportunity to satisfy those cravings and to bring a little bit of Cincinnati tradition thousands of miles away to our Cincinnati Reds Team.

You may be able to take the boys out of Cincinnati, but you cannot take Cincinnati out of the boys.

HG Logistics LLC hopes you enjoy your “Skyline Time,” and we look forward to cheering  you to victory this 2022 baseball season.