Driver Shortages Mean New Opportunities

Holly JonesMiscellaneous

Anyone who is involved in the shipping, receiving, transportation and logistics industries knows that we are missing a key element- drivers! Driver shortages mean that costs for shipping are going up and truck drivers know that they are in high demand. Training programs and trucking companies are actively looking for drivers to get behind the wheel and keep the rest of us going. So, where are these drivers coming from? There are several large demographic groups being tapped for talent. Here are a few:

Veterans- Troops to Truckers is just one of many organizations seeking to train and find employment for veterans coming home and looking for work. Veterans are known to have a strong work ethic and an incredible determination to complete tasks to their fullest potential. Employers of all types seek out veterans to fill positions, but many in trucking believe that due to deployments and training, veterans are a perfect fit for the time away from home and sometimes difficult lifestyle that trucking brings. HG Logistics in Cincinnati loves our veteran truckers!

Women- Although not typically thought of as the first option for a truck driver, women are rapidly becoming an essential part of the trucking industry. Women in trucking have their own organizations, clubs and conferences taking place nationwide. There are blogs, YouTube channels and social media sites committed to women in the industry. With this increase, there are even products created for life on the road being offered in styles and designs especially for women.  Women have proven themselves to be willing and able to take on the challenges that trucking brings and prove that anything a man can do, so can a woman.

Immigrants- Many immigrants come to the United States to find a better life and to find work in order to provide for their families. Trucking companies know that these men and women are an excellent source when recruiting truck drivers. Folks from countries all around the world are filling roles in trucking. Just ask the dispatchers at HG Logistics and they’ll tell you they hear from a variety of accents on the phones each and every day. These people are hard working folks just trying to do their part to keep our country rolling and take care of their families.

Felons- Maybe one of the newer groups entering the trucking industry as professional drivers are ex-convicts. With a shortage of drivers, employers have been on the lookout for a group of people who are in need of work. For offenders, it is often difficult to find work due to their criminal record. Many trucking companies have found that there is more than just a driver’s seat filled when they hire those convicted of felonies. There is an extra reward that comes with knowing that your company has helped to turn someone’s life around, and given them a second chance to do the right thing. Some training facilities work alongside prisons in order to provide inmates with a skill that can help them obtain employment shortly after release.

The United States is made up of a wide variety of people. From veterans to felons, born-in-the-USA to first generation immigrants, men and women alike, the fabric of the trucking industry is as diverse as America itself. HG Logistics, LLC, an asset based third party freight broker based in Cincinnati, Ohio is proud to say that we love all of our drivers regardless of their background.

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