Featured Employee – Joseph Castaneda, Logistics Coordinator

nancysauersHG Logistics

Participating in sports most of my life, including college football, did not leave much opportunity to do internships or co-ops. So, my first “real” job came after college working in sales for AT&T. After two successful years with the company and being top sales performer in the region, tragedy struck with the passing of my grandmother. I took that time to transition into a different field and started work in banking and finance. Again, I was a top sales performer in the district for two years running and eventually became a manager of my own brick and mortar location. Unfortunately, the bank I was working at dealt with robberies on a consistent basis. Having a family of my own to look after, I felt the time was right to make another transition. I had quite a few friends at that time who were working in logistics, and they thought it would be a good fit for me. Plus, I would not have to deal with armed robberies on a monthly basis. I made the switch. I started working at HG Logistics in 2017 and immediately, I felt at home. I enjoy the small, family-like atmosphere. Everyone cares about one another and are always looking out for the best interest of their peers. I look at the guys I work with like brothers and know I can count on them if I am ever in a dire situation, whether personal or business related. I am proud to call HG Logistics my place of employment. Not only do we value the team comradery aspect, but we also value you, our customers. Rest assured, if you have any trucking or logistics pains, HG Logistics is the Tiger Balm you need!