Featured Employee – Travis Shelton, Logistics Coordinator


I started with HG Logistics LLC five plus years ago. I was a college student going to school and working here part time. I had no experience in the transportation industry and no knowledge of semi-trucks outside of what they looked like. My first assignment was searching for trucks to help the sales team with their extra opportunities. After just six months, HG Logistics hired me full time and I obtained additional job duties. Within the first five years, I went from knowing very little to acquiring many job skills essential for the transportation industry. I now speak to our biggest customers and have relationships with our contacts at Kroger, Tropicana, Hill and Griffith, and Magnum. I am the point of contact for all LTL shipments and have grown our relationship with our LTL carriers. I have learned great customer service skills, how to track and trace our carriers, and quick problem-solving skills necessary for dealing with daily issues that arise in this industry. I set almost all pickup and delivery appointments for our Kroger loads. I schedule pickups, track, and turn in billing for all our LTL shipments. Five years ago, HG Logistics LLC invested in someone who had no knowledge of this industry. They believed in me and took the time to train and help me through the learning process. The loyalty HG Logistics offers its employees is unmatched. They go over and beyond to assure your success.