Handling Feedback

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How do you take negative feedback? I’m back to taking classes, and I have to tell you, PhD level professors can be harsh. I suppose it makes sense, since it is a high level degree. I mean, do you want people being called ‘doctor’ who don’t know their stuff? When I first went back to school, I would receive graded assignments full of comments about what should be different and how much more research I should have done. I felt so dejected. I felt like I was wasting my time and that I had made the wrong choice. Have you ever felt like you just weren’t cut out for something after someone gave you negative feedback?

Logistics can feel that way a lot of the time. It isn’t unusual to be the target when someone’s plans are interrupted and they need someone to blame. Freight brokers are often the bearers of bad news…missed appointments, accidents, breakdowns, product that isn’t ready, no lumper service…you get the idea. When you are the person who has to communicate mishaps to all parties, negative feedback comes with the territory. It is easy to feel like you’re the bad guy or that you just aren’t cut out for the industry.

Working at HG Logistics, an asset based, third party freight broker based in Cincinnati, Ohio, we have a way of dealing with negative feedback. It doesn’t involve giving up, placing blame, or shutting down. We learn from it.

Even when negative feedback comes in a less-than-tactful way, there is an opportunity for learning. Being able to pull the lesson from harsh criticism shows maturity and a willingness to grow, something that we at HG Logistics would like to believe we are capable of.

Due to this opportunity for learning, we want your feedback. We want to know how our drivers are treating you (and your freight), and that the truck delivered on time (or not) and if you’d like more or fewer check-ins. The ability to get better comes from the knowledge that our customers give. Of course, we love hearing the good stuff much more than the alternative, but we don’t want anyone out there to think that their complaints or suggestions are falling on deaf ears. We hear you and we use your input to make ourselves and our team better for you the next time around.

If you are like us here at HG and strive to learn from feedback, or if you wish the transportation provider that you currently use would do so, please give us a call. We love new customers and are always willing to align ourselves with new professionals in the 3PL industry. Contact HG Logistics today and find out how far you can go when you learn and improve rather than hang your head and give up!