HG, Like Family…

Holly JonesMiscellaneous


Have you ever run in to an issue with your car on the way to work? Maybe there is a weird noise up by the tire, a skipping feeling in the engine, or your brakes start that squeaking. All warning signs that spending a chunk of change on dreaded car repairs is in our future.

What about at home? Have you ever looked at your walls and seen a crack where your drywall needed repaired? Just want a paint job? What about a full gut and remodel of a bathroom?

At HG Logistics LLC, a third party freight brokerage company in Cincinnati, Ohio, all of these things are taken care of…and more! Working for a family company, that puts family first can mean a lot of things. For one, it means that sometimes everyone acts as crazy and fun as they do at home! On the other hand, a family is someone you can depend on, who can help you out when you need it. Hill and Griffith, the parent company for HG Logistics, was founded and is still run as a close-knit, family company. HG Logistics is just the same.

HG is family. We have drivers who come to company parties, customers who we sponsor in charity and sports…the list goes on. It’s not just the leadership, though. It’s everyone. Recently, an employee had a tremendous family issue that caused medical bills to pile up. Within just a few hours of starting a Go Fund Me campaign (thoughtfully done by yet another HG coworker), many employees had already donated. We celebrate together, we know that we have support in grief, and we get checked up on when we are ill.

If you think that family is important, and you want to encourage a family attitude of honesty, support and respect in your business, consider a relationship with HG Logistics LLC. We are a family, and we’ll treat you like part of it from the very beginning!