HG Logistics LLC – A Stable Force in Uncertain Times

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HG Logistics Services mapFor the past several months, the world has been treading on unfamiliar territory since the outbreak of COVID-19. The onset of the virus has flared up fear and uncertainty in most of us. It has changed the way we work , the way we socialize, the way we are schooled, the way we shop, the way we eat. This has left many of us asking–“Will things ever get back to normal?”

With so many things up in the air right now, we are left scrounging for something concrete to take hold of. HG Logistics LLC does not claim to have all the answers, but during this pandemic, we have worked diligently to ease our customers’ concerns and be that one constant in the shipping industry.

Being deemed a “crucial” business in seeing that essential products get to stores and into the hands of the consumers, HG Logistics has not faltered in our obligation to meet public needs. Our doors never shut and during the first month of the COVID-19 crisis, HG handled two to three times our normal volume without any service issues.

Some may say–“you were just doing your job.” But to us here at HG Logistics it is not just a job. It means so much more. For us, what was important was being a reliable factor, easing the minds of consumers during a time of total unrest. It is knowing that we helped put food in people’s pantries, milk in their refrigerators, and toilet paper in their bathrooms. This was not just about doing a job. This was about alleviating stress and helping people during hard times. We were only one facet of this process. It took a whole team–manufacturers, logistics coordinators, truck drivers, shippers, receivers, store clerks. HG Logistics was glad to be a part of this vital team.

One positive from COVID-19 is that it took focus off the so-called “job” and put it back on the people we serve. These past months reiterated to us what is important–to be that “staple” our customers can trust and depend on when nothing seems normal.