HG Logistics LLC Can’t Pass Up a Treat


Is it just me or did it seem like Halloween crept up out of nowhere this year? I know many of us have been busy focusing on the important, upcoming Presidential Election, and unfortunately, some have had to cope with the devastation of Superstorm Sandy, but it is nice to have a reason, such as Halloween, to stop and put all concerns aside. Yes, for a few hours on a Wednesday evening, right in the middle of the week, we could just enjoy some good old fashion fun.

It is so cool seeing a slew of craziness being expressed in the way of costume designs and props. And what is even more thrilling is to hear come from under all that creativeness the laughter and joy of kids collecting candy and treats. For a short-lived time, children, and as I witnessed, some adults, get into character and parade around their neighborhoods pretending to be their favorite superhero, a beloved cartoon creature, a famous movie or television celebrity, or some storybook princess.

And we here at HG Logistics LLC, a freight transportation broker and third party logistics company in Cincinnati, Ohio, was not about to pass up all the fun. In spite of the cold, damp weather, many of us employees celebrated the Halloween Holiday by either passing out candy, walking around with our children or grandchildren, attending parties and community festivals, or just staying home and stirring up some bubbling brew.

Below are some pictures of our employees and their family and friends enjoying Halloween 2012.

Hope Your Halloween Was As Adventurous As Ours!