HG Logistics LLC Celebrating 15 Years


In September 2006, David Greek, President of The Hill and Griffith Company which manufactures foundry supplies, made the executive decision to expand his business to include freight transportation services. Thus, was the birth of HG Logistics LLC located in Cincinnati, Ohio.

September 2021 marks HG Logistics LLC 15 Year Anniversary. We started out small with just two employees–one overseeing sales and dispatching and one handling accounting and billing. At first, our load boards only had a handful of entries not even filling a page. However, HG Logistics did not let those numbers discourage us. Instead, we focused on meeting the needs of our customers whether it be one or fifty.

From start to present, HG Logistics stayed committed to excellent service, honest communications, and building trusting relationships with our customers and carriers. Our commitment to excellence coupled with our willingness to be flexible, willingness to learn and grown with the industry’s demands, willingness to adjust, willingness to listen, and willingness to care no matter the size has contributed to our 15 years of success. Our success is not defined by size, numbers, and dollar figures, but success defined by fulfilling recognizable needs in our communities.

Fifteen years ago, David Greek saw a need and an opportunity to serve in a capacity together with his foundry business. Since then, HG Logistics has been privileged to deliver all over the United States, Canada, and Mexico anything from toilet paper to band equipment to concrete highway dividers to million-dollar medical equipment to an armored swat car.  HG Logistics considers it an honor to function as a vital link in the supply chain ensuring necessities are accessible in homes, businesses and everywhere in between.

HG Logistics thanks all for your support and confidence these past 15 years.  We look forward to many more years of serving communities across our nation and beyond.