HG Logistics LLC is Poised for Success

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Three Year Anniversary


Three years ago, HG Logistics started with just three employees–a logistics manager, an office assistant, and a human resource/sales coordinator. We have now grown to five brokers and three office staff, and our looking to expand further by adding two brokers by October 2009.

Credit Score:

At first, HG Logistics’ credit score was not available. However, as our business continued to grow, so did our credit score reaching 63 at one point and as of recently, climbing to an impressive 90. Our average day to pay is 27.5, which has contributed to our notable credit score. Establishing these numbers in such a short period of time proves HG Logistics LLC is here to stay.


Only the best are hired at HG Logistics LLC. As members of TIA and a soon to be Gold Book Broker, all staff must adhere to a high code of ethics to set us above the rest.

Growing in a down market, confirms that service and quality still count.

HG Logistics LLC is a third party logistics company and freight transportation broker located in Cincinnati, Ohio. For more information please contact us by phone: (877) 574-4744, (513) 244-3026 or e-mail: [email protected].