HG Logistics LLC – Looking Good!


At work the other day, I received several compliments on how I was dressed. I had to take a second look since I don’t normally pay much attention to what I wear. After examining what I had on, I wish I could take credit for how I looked that day, but the truth of the matter is I owe a big thanks to all those who contributed to my wardrobe.

Nothing I was wearing, except my underclothing, was mine that I purchased. It was all given to me. Recently, HG Logistics LLC, a third party logistics company and freight transportation broker located in Cincinnati, Ohio, offered to buy all employees 3 shirts with our logo. Therefore, my shirt was compliments of HG Logistics. My jeans were given to me by a co-worker who had actually received them from another co-worker. My shoes were Skechers that I inherited from my daughter.

I was already on a high from all the compliments, but when I realized that my look was at no cost to me, I felt doubly blessed. Wearing hand-me-downs is not new to me. I am a middle child from a family of six kids, so I have seen my share of used clothing. And may I say, I am not ashamed to wear clothes that come from other people’s closets. In fact, I am proud that I can look presentable without spending a fortune.

What I found amazing about this whole situation is how well it came together with little effort of my own, and how I was blessed when I was least expecting it. If I had not received those compliments, I probably would not have given any of this a second thought. Luckily though, it was brought to my attention, and I now have opportunity to say thank you:

  • First to HG Logistics LLC for purchasing my shirt.
  • Second to my co-worker for passing on the jeans.
  • Third to my daughter who had no need for a perfectly good pair of shoes.

I was just going to end my blog at this point, but then a thought came to mind. Third Party Logistics Companies, like HG Logistics, are somewhat similar to wearing borrowed clothes. This may not sound complimentary, but really it is good, sound business. Third Party Logistics Companies have the privilege of using trucks from a list of qualified, reliable carriers. We don’t own them, but we borrow them for a fee. HG Logistics LLC inspects these carriers for flawlessness just like you would an article of clothing. We check their safety scores and ratings, their performance records, and their authority and insurance requirements. If everything passes inspection and the fit is right, we use them. Yes, we have to pay to “borrow” their services for a day or two, but by doing so we are recipients of the following benefits:

  • Greater Flexibility
  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Enhanced customer service capabilities
  • Reduction of capital expenditures
  • Availability of a wide range of equipment and services**

In other words, using Third Party Logistics Companies could be termed “fashionable” because when our customers walk away satisfied with our services it is the same as saying,

“HG Logistics LLC – You are looking good.”

**“Benefits of Third Party Logistics Companies”