HG Logistics LLC Qualifying Checklist – We Can Do The Job!

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Recently, I have had to address some much needed home repairs–water issues, foundation cracks, chimney repairs. If I had the knowledge and expertise, I would just take it upon myself to fix the problems. However, I am totally oblivious and majorly underqualified to handle such matters. That left me with my only option, which was to call the so-called experts. But even then, I struggled with who to call. How do I know who can do the best job at an affordable price? Can I trust them to do their best work and not try to shortcut the process? Are they licensed and experienced to do the job? With these questions in mind, I started the process of researching companies, asking people for recommendations, and reading reviews. I had to do my homework and it paid off. I found companies that I trusted and companies that completed the job meeting all my expectations.

Many of us often face this same process in our business endeavors as well. I work for HG Logistics LLC, a third-party logistics company located in Cincinnati, Ohio, and I imagined what it is like for companies to seek out reliable transportation brokers to haul their freight.  Just like I had to do with my home repairs, companies must do their homework to secure the best qualified broker to meet their shipping needs. For any company actively seeking a transportation broker to do hauling for them, I highly recommend HG Logistics LLC as a top-rated choice. I do not just say this because I work for them, but I base my recommendation on the below list of qualifying attributes. The list speaks for itself as to why HG Logistics LLC is a wise choice.

Licensing Credentials and Requirements:

  • Licensed with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration since September 2006–14 1/2 years’ experience.
  • $75,000 Surety Bond
  • Registered with the Unified Carrier Registration Program
  • $100,000 Contingent Cargo Insurance

Services and Benefits:

  • Know the shipping industry inside and out.
  • Use up-to-date technology.
  • Reliable carrier database with all available equipment types. We review insurance requirements, due diligence reports, DOT Safety reports, and contracts and agreements.
  • Service both FT (full truckload) and LTL (less than truckload).
  • Save you time and money by providing the best shipping options.
  • Knowledgeable in the manufacturing business as our sister company, Hill and Griffith, has been manufacturing castings for 120 plus years.
  • Knowledgeable of state and federal regulations regarding interstate transporting.
  • Great troubleshooter and solution provider
  • Personalized attention to each load from pickup to delivery, making check calls and providing updates.
  • Experienced in handling spikes and lows that occur with normal business cycles.
  • Value relationships and work with a “Win/Win” mentality, looking out for the best interest of both our customers and carriers.


  • TIA Member – We hold ourselves to a high standard of moral conduct.
  • SmartWay Partner – We do our part to ensure a safe and healthy environment.


  • 2-Time Tropicana Midwest Region Carrier of the Year.
What more could you ask for? Call HG Logistics for all your shipping needs!