HG LOGISTICS LLC-Small Enough to Care, Big Enough to Get it Done

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I read the following story today:

“Donelan, a teacher, had always been a reader, but one day it literally paid off. She was planning a trip and reviewing her lengthy travel insurance policy when on page seven she discovered a wonderful reward. As part of their “It Pays to Read” contest, the company was giving $10,000 to the first person to read that far into the contract. They also donated thousands of dollars to schools in Donelan’s area for children’s literacy. She says, ‘I have always been the nerd who reads contracts. I was the most surprised of anyone!'”

This story struck me as I wondered how many times I have missed a blessing or reward because I just did not take time for details. Living in a fast paced society, we tend to acknowledge the obvious and skim over what we deem insignificant. But what are we missing out on when we adopt a “don’t sweat the small stuff” decision making policy? The “small stuff” may amount to a lot more than we think, especially when making important business decisions.

I have experienced this first hand as I work for HG Logistics LLC, a third party logistics freight broker company located in Cincinnati, Ohio, who knows the importance of details. We might not be the size of some of the big transportation companies, but we stand by our saying, “small enough to care, big enough to get it done.”

There is so much that goes into “getting it done,” and to us, it is all deemed important and necessary:

  • Value, size, and weight of the commodity
  • Equipment type needed
  • Specialized requirements regarding permits, washouts, tarps, load bars and straps
  • Scheduling pickup and delivery appointments
  • Reviewing carriers’ insurance requirements, due diligence reports, DOT safety reports, contracts and agreements
  • Evaluating weather reports, road conditions, and possible delays
  • Reviewing shipper’s and receiver’s policies and procedures
  • Check calls and communication with drivers
  • Making sure all necessary paperwork is received and signed

This is by no means a complete list, but it gives you a glimpse of what is critical for a load to be delivered successfully with no issues. Our attention to details is what makes HG Logistics LLC a valuable asset in the shipping industry.

We may not be able to compete in size with the large logistics companies, but our high standards and commitment to overseeing the specifics of each load from start to finish sets us apart. You may have to dig a little and scroll down the search engine list, but once you find us, you will be pleasantly surprised. Your reward might not come in the form of a $10,000 check like in the story of Donelan, but HG Logistics LLC will save you many headaches and time as you will experience a hassle-free, on-time, no-stress, safe delivery of your product.

In conclusion, I encourage companies seeking third party logistics providers to not stop with the big name companies but to search a little deeper to find a valuable gem that will give them the personalized, detailed service they deserve. MAY THAT GEM BE-

HG Logistics LLC  •  1085 Summer Street  •  Cincinnati, OH 45204  •   877-574-4744