Infant Formula Shortage- Logistics Companies Taking Precautions to Protect This High-Value Commodity


The infant formula shortage crisis has everyone concerned and rightfully so. Steps are in motion to resolve the current crisis, but how did it get to this point to begin with?

Three factors triggered the shortage.

  • First, a bacteria called cronobacter sakazakii, was detected in formula manufactured at Abbott’s in Michigan. This pathogen is believed to have caused the death of two infants. As a result of these deaths, the FDA recalled several brands of formula, and told parents not to buy formula tied to this Michigan plant.
  • Secondly, the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic caused parents to stockpile on formula just like many did with toilet paper. In 2021, sales in infant formula began to drop off as parents worked through their stockpile resulting in manufacturers to cut back on production of formula.
  • Thirdly, 2022 brought with it a baby boom surge when at the same time there was a significant decline in mothers choosing to breastfeed. So now demand is surging faster than supply is recovering.

American and European manufacturers of infant formula are all increasing production and there should be a flow of shipments heading to stores soon. This is where logistics companies, like HG Logistics LLC, can play a vital role in ending the shortage. However, trucking companies and logistics brokers are facing higher than usual challenges in getting formula delivered and into the hands of consumers. Unfortunately, the formula shortage has made this product a target for cargo thieves and thus, special steps must be taken to protect this high-value commodity.

Logistics companies are using tracking technology and special locks to protect deliveries of infant formula from criminals. They are implementing security measures similar to what is used when shipping pharmaceuticals and electronics. Although extra precautions must be taken, many logistics companies already have security protocols in place and are well prepared to manage these shipments.

With production increasing and truckers set and ready to make the deliveries, formula will once again be readily available in stores and parents can rest assure that their baby’s basic needs will be met.

Let Us All Work Together to Bring an End to This Crisis!