Interesting Travel Stops in the US…First Stop: Home

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Driving a truck, car or even a motorcycle in the United States can show a person a lot of amazing things! For the next several weeks, every Thursday will be dedicated to some landmarks and places of interest that you may want to stop and see while traveling with family or friends.

To launch this new endeavor, let’s start close to our home here at HG Logistics, a Cincinnati, Ohio based third party freight broker. Many people don’t know what the Cincinnati area has to offer besides the mainstays….let’s take a look….Big-Boy-Phillips-66

HG employees will likely recognize this, but many don’t know that Cincinnati is home to the American Sign Museum. Here, you can take a tour through advertising history and explore pop culture in an interesting way.

Cincy is also home to Metrobot, a “cutting edge” robot-sign-sculpture hybrid installed in 1988, and 1410371056000-metrobot.yesrefurbished in 2014. Stop by to make a phone call from the payphone located in his leg for just a dime!



Finally, just for those who aren’t natives to Cincinnati and might wonder, yes, we are Porkopolis. For that reason, you’ll find pigs of all sorts everywhere. From the Flying Pig statues all over downtown to the Pancakes and Pigs Sculpture, these guys can make a wonderful urban scavenger hunt.   OHCINpancakepig_turner1


Next time you’re in the area, stop by one or more of Cincinnati’s popular spots (a ball park, museum, observatory), but don’t forget about the offbeat options too! Give us a call.

To contact HG Logistics for your freight needs or anything else, reach out to us at 513-244-3026!

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