Intexicated Driving


A study soon to be released by the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute and partially funded by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration shows that texting while truckers are driving increases the risk of crashes by 23%. Even with this information, only 14 states have banned texting while driving.

HG Logistics LLC/Hill and Griffith Transportation, a logistics and trucking company in Cincinnati, Ohio, cannot agree more with the findings of this study. HG Logistics and Hill and Griffith Transportation always promote safety first. Our policy is that our drivers NOT engage in cell phone activity while in transit except for emergency purposes only and then they must use proper head gear as a hands free option. All other calls or responses to calls are handled when they are pulled over at a truck stop or upon arrival at their origin and destination points. They are not dispatched or permitted to write notes while the truck is in motion.

HG Logistics LLC and Hill and Griffith Transportation are committted to ensuring that our drivers operate in a manner that will secure the highest level of safety for them and others on the road.