Is Your Business Riding on the Rims of a Convertible?



A few months back, I was on the bus coming to work when I passed a car dealership that advertised on their sign the following:

“Wife Insurance: Buy Her a Convertible”

Some may think this is clever advertisement, but it saddened me. I thought, “Is this what the world has come to? Is this what marriage is all about? Is it about money? Is it about who can buy the biggest, the best?” What happened to love, respect, devotion, commitment? What happened to “for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and health, until death do us part”?

The reason this advertisement struck me so hard is because I think many believe that the message they are conveying is true. They believe that they have to buy commitment. In this materialistic world, it is often about “THINGS”–things that eventually break, rust, or fall apart. Even as parents, we tend to buy our kids “things” instead of just spending time with them. But are “things” a good substitute for parenting? Is this what our children really want or need? I don’t think so.

And are wives really only interested in what their husbands can buy them or would they rather have want money can’t buy–love, faithfulness, honesty, respect? Has money become more important than personal relationships? What do you think? In today’s society, is the answer to this question more often ‘yes’ than ‘no?’

This “money buying power” mindset is also trickling over into the business world. Years ago, a business deal was sealed with a handshake. That handshake represented a promise, a commitment, a trust, and a mutual respect between the parties. That loyalty was not taken lightly and it was not something to be easily broken. They were not just sealing a deal, they were sealing a relationship.

Is this the type of business transactions your company is experiencing today? Many businesses just care about the money–the bottom line. As a result, they constantly jump around in search for the cheapest route thinking this theory to be the path to a lucrative profit margin.

If you are only interested in talking money, HG Logistics LLC is not the third party logistics company for you. HG Logistics LLC sells service not price. Although we are a small transportation broker located in Cincinnati, Ohio, we have managed to build our business for the past nine years on relationships with our customers. We want our customers to know that we care. We want to provide them the best service. We want to meet their needs. We want them to succeed. We want them to trust that we will be there for them–that they can count on us. We want them to know that we are not going to trade them in for a convertible.

With HG Logistics LLC, you can be assured that we will stick around: not because of so-called money enticing incentives but because relationships matter–Our Customers Matter!

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