Keeping cool…

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Summertime is a great time of year to be outdoors and enjoy nature. Having four kids who play outdoor sports during the hottest time of year, I am always on the lookout for great ways to beat the heat. Today, I am sharing a few favorites with you, some of which you can take to the park, ball games, or even at home.

super chilly cooling towelA huge favorite of my sons is the Frogg Togg towels. Now available in numerous brands and colors, these are essentially rubbery-feeling towels, that, when soaked in water and shaken out, provide a lasting cooling effect for quite some time. Of course, if you don’t have one of these guys, an old fashioned towel dipped in ice water can be a close substitute.



Another fan favorite, and one of my younger kids’ top choices is the spray bottle with attached fan. These can be found in anyImage result for spray bottle fan department store and have even popped up (for inflated prices) at amusement parks and zoos. A larger version of this has appeared in many dugouts and soccer fields lately, is the Arctic Sprayer, available on Amazon or at Home Depot, this thing is great for cooling down a whole sweaty group!

Arctic Cove Portable 18 Volt Two Speed Misting Bucket Fan Cordless Mister







You can also try a cooling spray. A simple search will turn up dozens of recipes for cooling sprays with mint, witch hazel and other cooling ingredients to spray yourself with to keep the heat at bay.

For the little ones, think about taking small water guns. Most people won’t be upset at an accidental squirt and it can double as entertainment for siblings at the games.

Other ways to stay cool include wearing a hat, staying under a pop-up sunshade or umbrella, and staying hydrated. Make sure that you wear appropriate clothing and shoes, and if your child plays baseball, think about packing an extra outfit with shorts and sandals to get out of the hot uniform asap!

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