Mastering the Game Challenges of the Logistics World


I recently read an article in the April 2021 issue of 3PL Perspectives. The article, written by Brian Evans, CTB President & CEO of L & L Freight Services, is titled, “Endgame: Problem-Solving in the Logistics Industry.” Brian Evans describes himself as a puzzle guru. As a child, he was fascinated with the challenge of conquering the most difficult of puzzles. Brian tagged the triangle peg board game with golf tees (like the ones you see at Cracker Barrell) as his specialty game. He developed a system that enabled him to fly through that game in a matter of seconds leaving only 1 peg standing every time. According to the game tagline, this deemed him a “genius.” His strategy was simple–he began every game leaving the same hole empty.

Brian believes his love for problem-solving is what led him to the 3PL arena because as he states:

“Isn’t that what we do every day? We solve problems in the supply chain for our clients. We move the pieces of the puzzle for shippers, receivers, distribution centers, and warehouses with the endgame of solving their logistics issues. We develop processes, invest in technology, train our people, implement systems, and establish our business models all with the same goals of success.”

But as Brian Evans and many of us in the logistic industry have learned, the game is constantly revolving and sometimes we are thrown a curve ball. Unlike the Cracker Barrell game, we cannot always start with the same empty hole. This makes finding solutions a little more challenging, but not impossible. When the game plan changes, the master problem-solvers arise to the challenge. They strategize a new direction to reach the most excellent results.

HG Logistics perfectly understands Brian Evan’s analogy of the logistics industry to a game playing, problem-solver. Each day at HG Logistics LLC, we start with a new game board and different puzzles pieces to fit together. We know what the final picture looks like and where the pieces must be placed. Our goal each day is to work effectively and persistently to get the pieces to their designated spots. Sometimes, pieces get altered and things must be moved, but we don’t quit until resolution is reached and the game is conquered.

HG Logistics LLC is trained, equipped, and experienced to master this world of logistics. We know the field, we are familiar with the playing pieces, we strategize a game plan, we are not thrown off when the course changes, and we don’t stop until the job is complete.

Call HG Logistics LLC for a game winning approach to your transportation needs!